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Linkedin member offer – only 4 available

Linkedin member offer - only 4 available

We have a special offer for Linkedin people who happen to land on this page. Really you could be anyone – but we want to offer to meet you – and spend an hour with you looking at your online presence. The cost is only £10 and we this offer is valid until the 15th of February 2011. Bookings will need to occur before 15th March 2011.

We will follow up with a recommendation summary for improvements you can make and you can choose if you want to work with us or existing suppliers.

Here are the things we can cover:

  • Social media – how you use it, what you are doing right, what you could do better or more of
  • Twitter strategies – how to expand contacts, build relationships and move connections to “real life”
  • Events – how to incorporate your event planning with your online marketing – you can work plans and strategy into 2011’s – based on your and your team’s current capabilities
  • Email newsletters – What you use now for email marketing, what options their are out there for you to use this better
  • Blogging – How to make the most of blogging tools around, what kind of customisation options

The offer is limited to 4 business owners only. Click on this link to apply!

Once you email us your details and a bit of background information about your current online presence and marketing situation, we can book in a meeting at a convenient time. Meetings will take place at our Central London office and will last one hour.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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  1. nick bateson

    i would like to do £10 deal but cant use your link for some reason