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Keren speaks - WEF conference

Business beyond bias: I get set to speak at WEF-UK London 2017

The opportunities for women in the UK to succeed in business have never been greater. While it’s sometimes hard to be anything but super modest and self-deprecating, I have to admit that there are things I have done that I am proud of. I have founded and managed a successful design and marketing agency, I travel regularly, and often give talks and workshops to advise men and women alike.
And yet, as a UK businesswoman, figures suggest the odds have also remained unevenly stacked against me. Reading the Business in the Community website for example, a female graduate earned an average of 20% less than her male counterpart over the last decade, while the average woman working full-time from age 18 to 59 apparently stands to lose £361,000 in gross earnings over her working life when compared to a man in the same situation.

So, while we’ve clearly made leaps and bounds in the search for gender equality, it appears there’s still some way to go in equally empowering men and women to lead in business. The Women Economic Forum is a global conference designed for men and women to foster just that, so when I found out that I had been nominated to become a speaker this year, I was both very excited and truly humbled.

WEF events are mega enablers of peer-exchange and learning in a diverse and interdisciplinary context, and are a powerhouse for networking across the globe. The 2017 event, taking place from 31st January to 2nd February, will cover a diverse range of topics, from business tips to advice on overcoming social adversity, and I’m delighted to announce that I will be joining a very accomplished roster with my talk on ‘branding your business’.

If you will be attending WEF-UK London 2017, ‘Awakening the Power Within: The Way Forward’, I’d very much like to welcome you to my talk on 2nd February, at 3.15pm. Or, if you would be interested to find out more, please do contact me or visit:

(Full disclosure: the website is not one of our TLD masterpieces!)

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