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Never over order your business cards!

5 reasons why you shouldn't order so many business cards

Ever since the scene in American Psycho, where Patrick Bateman and his colleagues compare their ‘Silian Grail’s and ‘Egg shell, with Roman’. Business cards have not only been useful, but have had an important reference point in the 21st century psyche.
Therefore, there are always deals going on, telling you that if you order X number, the individual price will drop to Y. Of course this sounds great, but what if it isn’t actually in your best interest to buy more than you actually need? Here are five reasons why you shouldn’t over order your business cards.

It’s environmentally friendly – so go green!

Environmentally friendly
As Al Gore once said ‘Change can happen if we all live like we’d like the change’, and with the Green movement slowly progressing and coming more into the fore ground of individuals and businesses decision making. Why not join the movement, order only not what you need and save a tree!

You’ll have more desk space!

Running out of space? Desk starting to look like a paper replica of Courchevel? There is no need to add to war, just order what you need and take a deep breathe.

You’ll be able to monitor just how quickly you actually run out

Running out?
By ordering less cards, this allows you to monitor how quickly you they run out. You can turn this into a game and instead of giving things up like ‘Dry January’ or ‘Veganuary’, set an office challenge of ‘Networkuary’ and go head to head to see who can get the most follow-ups from events.

If you don’t network much, why spend the money

Not a Networker?
Don’t need to Network? Not your thing? Well, then no need to buy more than you need, you can just enjoy heading straight home after work and curling up on the sofa.

It’s more economical, which is never a bad thing

Everyone loves saving money, and even though Plautus declared, somewhere between 254 BC – 184 BC, that you’ve got to ‘spend money to make money’. This isn’t really true when ordering business cards, because if they are going to sit on your desk or at the back of a cupboard somewhere you aren’t making or saving any money.

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