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TLD in the press - 2017 social media strategy

New year, new strategy? (TLD in the press)

As a smart and passionate business person, you may have set new goals and strategies for the next 12 months, but are you making social media resolutions?
I’ve made no secret of my reasons why social media should be a key part of your marketing strategy; not only does it get you heard and create brand awareness, it also becomes a platform to interact with current and potential customers.
It’s crucial to re-evaluate social media strategy as soon as it feels like something isn’t working, so a new year is a perfect excuse to make this a focus.
So, what social media resolutions should small businesses and marketers be making? A short summary:

  1. Make a habit: Plan to incorporate social media into your daily routine
  2. Make curation a priority: not only does it keep you up to date on what’s going on the industry, but it allows people to see things more often for you, so they can associate you with your expertise and business interests.
  3. Be spontaneous: – Don’t be afraid to share on the fly, it can be scary at first, but real time sharing shows your human side.
  4. Become a pre-planner: It saves lots of time
  5. Inject the human factor: It’s ok to have a personality, it makes it easier to “connect” and let people see the “real” you

Businesses that establish these five things will be well on their way to a successful social strategy for 2017.
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