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Keren Speaks - to wedding planners and interior designers

Just wanted to update everyone on 2 very exciting speaking engagements I have coming up. Both to distinct audiences, which I love, as I can really be specific to how design, marketing and social media applies to their industry.

UK Alliance of Wedding Planners – Wedding Planning Excellence – WPE ‘12 – March 2nd

Wedding Planner's Excellence 2012 - 2nd March 2012 - Keren Speaks about "Looking Fantastic Online"

On March 2nd, I will be speaking at the UK Alliance of Wedding Planners – Wedding Planning Excellence 2012 (‘WPE ‘12’) event about “Looking Fantastic Online”. I was interviewed on their blog as they did a series of speaker bio interviews. I have spoken to this audience before with Tamsin Fox-Davies (who happens to also be speaking at the same event this time) and the planners were so friendly and receptive. I even now have a massive Twitter list of “Wedding Planners and Suppliers which I have built up since.

The British Institute of Interior Design – March 15th

On the 15th of March, I will be speaking to the British Institute of Interior Designers about “How to make social media work for your business”. This means there will be a Twitter list for them too.

I will of course be mentioning Pinterest as these two audiences are perfect for using this new social network to show examples of how they can help and inspire their clients. Happy to send you an invite if you like – it’s really worth exploring!

And then the next morning, I will be running my fantastic Social Media for Business “Don’t Ignore It” with Alicia Cowan. More about that on this recent blog post!

If you are an interior designer or a wedding planner and you are coming – make sure you come and say hi (or comment below) or send me a tweet!

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  1. Tamsin Fox-Davies

    Great to see you speaking and sharing your top tips and information with these lucky audiences. 🙂
    I’m really looking forward to being on the same stage as you for WPE this week. It will be fun!