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TLD in the press - 2017 in review

TLD in the press: 2017 in review

Another year has been and gone,  where we have had lots of press coverage sharing everything from marketing hints to business advice. So we have rounded up each piece of coverage so you can find all of our top tips in one place. Sit down, grab a cup of tea, and enjoy learning from all these amazing articles these people have seen fit to publish!

Social Media Tips and Tricks

 Right at the start of the year, we wrote some social media New Year’s Resolutions that you should make for 2017. We would hope that you did tick off a few of these this year and your social media strategy is in perfect shape, but if you haven’t, there’s no time like the present! Read the article on Growth Business.
Social media doesn’t have to just be a marketing tool – it can be used as an effective business tool too! Find out how you can use LinkedIn as an effective business tool on Business Advice – not just for snooping on those former colleagues!
Building a personal brand on social media can be just as important as creating a business personality. You can find Keren’s six tips for building a personal social media brand on WeAreTheCity.
However, there is a common perception that business owners should have separate personas on social media – which simply doesn’t have to be the case! It is entirely possible to be both professional and personal on social media. Check out Keren’s tips on Business Matters Magazine, MyCustomer, NetImperative and MinuteHack. Ensure you avoid social media embarrassment too and have a read of Social News Daily.
If you are hiring a social media manager, there are a few things they need to know if they are going to work as an integrated member of your team. Check out the top three things a social media manager needs to know on GrowMap.
Anyone in business, particularly small business owners, should learn how to do their own social media, because it allows them to create new contacts and links within their industry. However, not everyone has the time to spend hours curating a social media feed, so check out Keren’s article on Socialnomics and find out the six rules for delegating your social media.


Marketing is something that many business owners choose to outsource, but it is crucial to do it right. From asking the right questions, to ensuring they give a perfect pitch, there are some rules that all business owners should consider when they look to outsource their marketing management. You can find out more about these rules on MyCustomer, Engage Customer and Net Imperative.
If you have got your selected marketing agencies to the pitching stage, there are some key questions you should be asking your marketing specialists! Along with other industry professionals, Keren shares the questions should ask on The Guardian.

Business Tips

8th March 2017 marked International Women’s Day which is an important day in the calendar to celebrate women, their achievements and fight for equality. As part of inspiring more female entrepreneurs, Keren shared her thoughts and business advice, along with other inspiring business women, on the is4profit blog.
Suppliers can be the making of any business, whether they are website designers, marketers or accountants. A good supplier relationship can be make or break, so it’s crucial to ensure the foundation for a good relationship is set before the contract is signed. Check out the four things to consider when choosing a supplier on Small Business.
It’s always important to reflect on your mistakes in business, and learn from them along the way. Keren looks back on the nine mistakes that could have killed her company on and how you can learn from them.
Employees are obviously a crucial part of any company, but business owners do not always appreciate the value that they can offer the business. They are on the front line of all customer interactions, so are actually very well positioned to provide feedback on company marketing activity. Read more about why you should listen to the employee voice on Growth Business, Fourth Source and Customer Experience Magazine.
And finally, if you still aren’t persuaded as a business owner that you should be engaging in digital marketing, then let us convince you otherwise. There are several pitfalls of being a digital dinosaur when it comes to digital marketing and the reasons you should engage in a strategy. Check out Keren’s article on Net Imperative.
Do you want even more tips for social media, marketing and growing your business through digital marketing? Get in touch!

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