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Help us to help you - 3 new TLD packages

Help us to help you! 3 Essential Packages we offer at TLD

We have been working hard at Top Left Design and have developed three new comprehensive support packages for our clients, all designed to enhance and strengthen your website’s online presence and provide your brand and business with the competitive edge it needs. You will find that our packages are entirely versatile and readily flexible to your brand’s requirements, and we will work side-by-side with you every step of the way, tailoring a unique and impactful online impression that you can be proud of!
Here are three packages you can choose from that will help skyrocket your brand’s online status:


Creating and perfecting an effective marketing strategy is the key to differentiating your business and drawing attention to your message!
At TLD, our Springboard package expertly provides a thorough and helpful service that will see us working closely with you to improve your visible online perception and ensure an abundance of opportunities to attract stakeholders, partners and clients that will “fall in love” with your brand.
Our refined and detailed three-step approach will guarantee that your business stands out:

Part 1: Strategy

An initial workshop with you and your team will allow us to demonstrate the various types of content and share tips on how you can integrate content marketing into day-to-day life. Together we will brainstorm and identify ideas surrounding the essential message of your brand, as this is what your clients must be aware of in order to gain interest and confidence in your business. Then we will tweak and polish these ideas until they match the key skills and concepts that you wish to present to your clients.

Part 2: Implementation

Now we’re full speed ahead and crafting content that will boldly highlight your brand’s “unique greatness”. Whilst doing this, we are also setting up a plan and schedule so your business can start to be visible online. Importantly, we will look at your Google My Business page and make sure you are properly setup with Google Analytics and Adwords.

Part 3: Campaigns

Through planning specific posts for online outlets such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Google we are now increasing your reach towards your target audience. Using statistics we measure results and engagement and can then tweak and perfect these messages according to our findings.
Download the TLD Springboard PDF

Pint Sized Loyalty Club

This package is specially tailored around your budget and priorities. We’ll work with you to coordinate and make the most of your resources. Through useful advice on SEO and social media, we’ll help you get your marketing rhythm in place. Then we guide you through how to format, image search and find the right topics for your blog posts that will vividly reflect your brand’s message and interests.

What’s included per month?:

Reading, reviewing and providing feedback on blog articles;
Content entry and formatting on your blog for up to 5 blog posts per month;
Image sourcing and SEO tagging for blog posts;
Design of 7 bespoke shareable images or banners for social media;
Quarterly marketing planning and SEO improvement sessions;
BONUS – Preparing one newsletter a quarter for you on an existing template.
Download the TLD Pint Sized Loyalty Club PDF


Pick & Mix

In line with Kaizen theory, we strongly believe in encouraging small detail improvements and fixes so you can really be proud of the way your business looks and the impression you give. We specialise in customisation and clear communication. Our “Pick & Mix” helps you choose where to begin – with a special offer!
By choosing 2 of our “Impressive Enhancements” you will get any one of our “Quick Wins” free of charge.
To explore the full list of our Pick & Mix list, view the PDF link below!
quick fixes for your marketing website
Download the TLD Pick & Mix PDF

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