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How to Grow Your Small Business Fast on TikTok and Go Viral

How to grow your small business fast on TikTok and go viral

TikTok for business is a relevant and effective way to promote goods and services.

This is a guest post as we’re not able to give our first hand experience – so we asked those in the know!

Since videos are such an effective way to submit content to social media, Tik Tok is very specifically geared for that, it’s important to gain some awareness. Not all entrepreneurs take into account the possibilities of TikTok when forming a marketing strategy and they miss a significant part of the audience. And it’s a pity.

Today we’ll talk about how businesses can use TikTok and go viral there.

Which business needs TikTok, and who can do without it?

Businesses come to this social media to promote products and make money on TikTok. Here you can receive transitions to communities of other social networks to replenish the base of followers aka your potential customers. TikTok also offers ad integrations and brand collaborations.

In fact, any owner may run a TikTok business account; it all comes down to imagination. If your advertising message can be transmitted in the form of a popular short video, it can become popular.

The most profitable niches are:

  • Public catering
  • Clothing stores
  • Cosmetics
  • Services sector

The key is to focus on the social network’s primary audience – teens and those under the age of 30. Promoting garden items, for example, won’t be as successful on TikTok. In addition, we advise to avoid promoting expensive, sophisticated, and narrowly focused items that are difficult to show in a video. Legal services, franchise sales, and premium or B2B items aren’t suitable.

Serious commercial offers among entertainment videos won’t receive a proper response, and the business owner would simply be wasting time and money.

How do TikTok algorithms work?

What can newbies expect from the TikTok algorithm? It’s like a stalking cheetah, waiting for an antelope to make a mistake. The same is with TikTok, when you hope to get millions of subscribers overnight. It tracks every little thing on the novice brands’ accounts: the content, copyright compliance, the method of shooting, words, and description for the video, and hashtags.

In order not to run into trouble, learn the rules of TikTok. But, like any social network, it has its own “tacit rules”, for example:

  • The account should have no more than 30% of borrowed content, but it’s better to avoid it at all.
  • The platform prefers its own editor to shoot and edit videos, so if you do in other programs like Movavi Video Editor, VSDC, or ViaMaker, at least overlay one filter, soundtrack, or text in the native TikTok editor.
  • TikTok promotes videos with real people in the frame – of course, there are animation videos or screen captures, but they aren’t that popular.
  • Don’t make a splash screen at the end of the video with a call to subscribe – TikTok will consider this as a repetition of fragments (like you are copying yourself).

Your account is unlikely to be deleted for misses, but a shadowban on 5-6 videos is a very real prospect.

What can a brand post on TikTok?

So we discovered that establishing a company profile on TikTok while developing on Instagram and other social media platforms is a must-have. TikTok provides an infinite stream of content that doesn’t depend on your following. This means that potential buyers are more likely to see your videos without going straight to your page.

TikTok can be magic for your brand, but what to post?

#1. Inner workings

By showing the behind-the-scenes life of your brand, you have many chances to break to the top on TikTok.

This doesn’t mean that you have to film every little thing, but showing how you run your business makes you more human and satisfies customer curiosity. What may be a regular routine for you, your customers could find really fascinating. This format is particularly good for those who sell handmade goods.

#2. Business life hacks and tricks

You’ll find plenty of entrepreneurs looking for advice on TikTok.

You don’t need to reveal all your production secrets, but transparency promotes authenticity. It helps to build your personal brand, become a business leader for many, or just inspire newbies in business.

#3. Product use-cases

Don’t make this the only type of TikTok you upload, but make it a point to highlight your products or services.

The easiest method to achieve this is to display your wares in person. For example, if you’re a clothing company, demonstrate how your items fit actual individuals of various sizes rather than supermodels. Involve your employees.

You may make a simple change video or something more complicated, such as demonstrating how to style your clothes. People want to know how your product will fit into their life, and this format will meet their needs.

#4. The launch of something new

You can tease the TikTok audience a bit by releasing a new product launch video. Even better if you find TikTok influencers for this. Your customers will be ready to buy your final product and show that you can grow your brand.

This is an excellent approach to demonstrate why your distinctive products, generate demand for them, and express how you respond to your consumers’ needs.

#5. Introduction of real people behind the brand

TikTok is a video app created by people for people. This model doesn’t require you to have the amazing charm of a constant influencer.

Because it provides a personal touch, people want to get to know the person behind the brand. Furthermore, seeing a person is significantly more interesting than watching a constant stream of items.

#6. Interaction with customers

TikTok features enable you to engage with consumers in a variety of ways.

The first category is duets. You can make a TikTok that contains a video from someone else. This is a great way to reply to consumers who make videos of their orders or product evaluations. You may also entice individuals to share such clips by providing incentives.

Another possibility is to make a video out of a comment. If a consumer asks a question, you may respond by creating a video with the reply.

In any case, communicating with consumers helps them feel acknowledged and valued while also providing you with another alternative for publishing content. Moreover, this is a hidden way to show your excellent customer service.

#7. A simple trend video

If you’re really short on ideas, TikTok will never be short on trending sounds or memes. Just look at the TikTok trends! Creating things that are trending right now can mean you’re embarking on something time-consuming, but it’s still a good way to get inspired.

Go beyond and do some TikTok magic

Be prepared for TikTok to be giddy: some clips will work and others won’t. The key is to keep trying new ideas and experimenting. All in all, TikTok is a free ad campaign to give you reach that would otherwise cost thousands of dollars. So why not take a risk?

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