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Lessons in Feng Shui

Learning about Feng Shui at the East meets West Design Festival: (by Charlotte Colvin)

On a cold Tuesday lunch time Lilly and I found ourselves enveloped by the warm surroundings of the luxurious Lacaze showroom. Both delighted to be spending a rainy afternoon (with champagne) learning about the art of Feng Shui.
We were invited thanks to our lovely intern Lilly’s friendship with Chris, the product design intern, at Lacaze.
Attendees included Beltrami, the Rug Company, and a swathe of immaculately dressed interior designers. The talk was given by Ting-Foon Chik, a renowned international Feng Shui Master, as part of the East Meets West Design Festival, which ran through the bottom floor of the Design Centre in Chelsea Harbour.
Ting-Foon explained just how intricate and detailed Fung Shui really is and that she wouldn’t be able to cover all the basics in just an hour but she promised to give us take away home tips! (The notebook came straight out the bag for this).
Feng Shui directly translates as ‘wind’ and ‘water’ and when designing a room you want to bring a feeling of stability but then also movement. The principle of Yin and Yang theory of polarity is expressed throughout Fung Shui and trying to get a balance of both space and airiness in a room but also one of cosiness.
The tips we were given were a mixture of office Fung Shui and home Fung Shui:

  • Always sit with the office door ahead of you and not behind you
  • If you have a swivel chair, do not swivel when working as it stops concentration
  • Avoid sitting or sleeping under beams, a flat ceiling is key
  • For destressing and creating harmony in the office or at home listen to metal based music, for example piano music

Even though Ting-Foon Chik had said she wouldn’t be able to give us detailed explanations of the reasons why certain properties were important, I was hooked! After an hour or so of mingling in the crowd (and getting the champagne topped up a couple of more times!), I Googled further into Fung Shui and immediately moved my bedroom layout around when I got home that evening.
I have to say things are seeming more balanced in my room!

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