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Keren in front of the big screen

My Digital Marketing Seminar in Sofia, Bulgaria #StandOutContent

I just got back from Bulgaria where I went to run a seminar. My brother, Yariv Lerner, runs the NuBoyana film studios in Sofia, Bulgaria – and he asked me to speak to an esteemed audience over there.
So on Friday morning (13th) I flew to Sofia, accompanied by my husband Anders. Valentine’s Day weekend meant I wouldn’t be going without him!
Friday evening I met up with my brother for last minute plans. I didn’t know until then before how many people would be coming. I found out that the audience would be 50+ people and would include huge variety  “journalists, government officials, NGOs, PR people, filmmakers and yoga people”.

Big screen, big audience, even bigger room

Wehad a pretty cool venue – “Studio 2” at Nu Boyana. There was a with a film crew, sound people and lighting people, to me a huge production (but not really for NuBoyana people). When I counted it was 59 people in the room. It was Valentines Day, and Anders kindly came along to support me at the event, helped out and even worked as crew – including bringing the microphone to people who were sharing their headline/content planning ideas.
Anders went up and took this really cool birds eye view shots of the room:
Birds eye view of my digital marketing seminar
Table setup for my digital marketing seminar - at NuBoyana studios

Some tweets from the event

Sunday the 15th Keren and Anders went skiing with Tony and Vesse
Though NuBoyana, Anders and I were lucky to have made two new Bulgarian friends (Tony and Vesse), and the next day, Sunday morning, they took us for a day skiing in Bansco.
Ski time in Bansko resort, Bulgaria - me and my husband Anders
At the ski place, there was this frame thing where people can take pictures and you can climb up to be inside the frame – it was slippery so Anders had to help me up. Though he was able to do acrobarics without any fear when he was doing his own poses.
Bansko - Anders posing
f you ever go to Bulgaria, let me know, maybe we can arrange a toour of NuBoyana studios. And make sure you have a “Shopska Salad” – it’s yummy with tomatoes, cucumber and fresh grated Bulgarian cheese. I always have this when I go to Bulgaria!
Shopska salad - must have in Bulgaria

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