Our postcards – illustrated by Tina!

How did it all start that every seminar we have freshly baked branded cupcakes? You should first know that we have them baked and iced by our very own, very creative lovely Tamlyn.


It started when for a “Make My Lunch” – Tamlyn made them for dessert. This is when one of the team at TLD cooks lunch for everyone and we all eat together. Every company should do it!

Here is what that iconic first batch looked like:

Top Left Design branded cupcakes - Blogging for Business - amazing blogging seminar to teach you all you need to know about blogging

I was so impressed, so I commissioned Tamlyn to make them for all of our seminars. And so it became a tradition! They really taste delicious too. Have a look at just a small selection from recent seminars.



Some people come to our seminars just to try them! And they aren’t disappointed!

If you would like to try them, you can! Our next seminar is on the 8th December – Social Media for Professional Services. If you just came for the cupcakes, that would be fine (but you may accidentally learn some stuff too!)


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  1. Do you think Tamlyn would do at 38 design on some at seminar on the 8th of December! We would love it!

  2. Yay for cupcakes! Thanks for the lovely words Keren! And of COURSE we can do an @38 design on some for the next Seminar, Wil!

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