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6 tips to help you be your own copywriter - from Fiona Mocatta

Six tips to help you be your own copywriter (from Fiona Mocatta)

(by Elisa Woolley)
Recently, Keren and I attended a Networking Meeting for WIBN (Women In Business Networking).
Fiona Mocatta did a really good speech on Copywriting and gave us “Six tips to help you be your own copywriter” and help with every day communications. So, I thought I would share them with you!

  1. Words – use these as a tool, pick them carefully. Think before you start writing!
  1. Make sure when you are writing the email/letter/speech you are addressing it to an individual not to an audience or a group.
  1. Make sure you only have one thought per sentence.
  1. Don’t use jargon. Whether its industry related or some saying your boss or mum uses. You have to be clear and make sure what you are saying/writing can be understood by anyone!
  1. Read it out loud to yourself or someone before you send/print. Make sure it is good, powerful and absorbing – all this can pick up potential sales. Also it will highlight anything spell check has missed and you will hear if it doesn’t flow properly!
  1. Think before you write. Spend 90% of the time editing, making bullet points, doing research and preparing what you are going to write and then 10% actually writing.

She said if you have followed all these steps then you are ready to press send!
We caught up with Fiona to let her know we were documenting her talk here, and asked if there was anything  she wanted to add.  She said, “I would go through most of these stages once I’ve finished a first draft.  For some more tips on what to do before you start writing, please contact me”.
Visit Fiona’s website here

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