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How to be lucky in marketing!

6 ways to get lucky in marketing (and one extra way at the end)

What does lucky in marketing mean??
If marketing is about raising awareness, becoming associated with what you want people to think about you, communicating your key messages, being remembered, and attracting the best types of clients and opportunities – then being lucky in marketing means you are getting all that out of your marketing.
Are you though?
If you love what you are doing then you give energy to it. Positive energy. And good things come from that.

That’s a simple concept but it’s been proven time and time again.  People have written famous bestselling books about it – Think and Grow Rich and The Secret for example.
I hear a lot of people verbalise their grumpy and disappointing attitude to online marketing.

Grumpy things people say:

  1. “I hate social media”
  2. “We never get any enquirers through our website”
  3. “I don’t have anything interesting to say”
  4. “It’s just not working for us and it takes too much time”.
  5. “I can’t keep up”
  6. “I am a luddite/dinosaur”
  7. “We can’t put our pictures on our websites – we aren’t photogenic”
  8.  “I am terrible with social media”
  9.  “I just can’t get our marketing right”
  10. “Marketing is so time consuming”
  11.  “I don’t think it’s worth it”

So in order to combat this general grumpiness and negativity, I am going to inspire you right now to switch your thinking and your ways – and choose just one or more of these 6 easy tips – to generate your own marketing luck!

6 ways to get lucky in marketing

  1. Change your language. If you find yourself saying things like “I am not good at social media” say instead “I am getting better at social media” or “I am learning social media skills” and that already will feel better! In other words, learn to love it.
  2.  Put together a content calendar. It will take you 1-3 hours and then you will have something to follow. A plan like that will increase the chance of you having regular and varied content on your blog and online.
  3.  Brainstorm with your team. You who work in that same place know the answers to the questions “why do people choose to work with us” and “what are our most interesting stories?”  These things need to be communicated and shared! Digital marketing is more about sharing useful tips and information and telling stories than writing promotional messages.
  4. Improve your skills. We can all get better at Twitter, learn more about Facebook post reach metrics, improve our headline writing skills, and get better and choosing the right images for our social media and blogs. So, choose the next thing you want to learn, and focus on that for a couple of weeks. You will be surprised how much easier things are when you practice and learn – and soon, you will find, you are loving the learning!
  5. Subscribe. Using a subscription tool like Feedly, have a look each day or week at our blog (the one you are reading), plus and so you can start absorbing useful and interesting marketing knowledge that is free and abundant. Plus, being exposed to good headline writing makes you more able to come up with those for your own business!
  6. Remember who your audience is. Nothing will inspire ideas more than knowing your audience. What are their worries? What problems do you solve? What interests them? What would they find refreshingly different about you, if they just knew about it?

You’re in luck (if you act fast)!

I keep my promises. It’s lucky for example, to have a free personalised marketing review session with me. This can be face to face in our office or on the phone or on Skype/Facetime. So, if you are one of the first 5 people to get in touch and mention “Free Marketing Review with Keren” – then lucky you – we can really inject some pure luck into your marketing!

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