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12 Days of Christmas blogging bonanza

12 Days of Christmas blogging bonanza

This year I set myself the challenge of of writing a blog post everyday this month. The posts are inspired by the “12 Days of Christmas” rhyme and have opened my eyes to all things Christmassy!
I chose to blog about different designers festive gifts from “brooches” to biscuits, cards to Christmas wraps, and along the way made a few new friends too!

Here are a selection of some of the lovely treats I found on my journey:
Jeff Josephine Designs - ceramic heart necklace
Jeff Jospahine Designs
‘Birdy Brooche’ by Kate Slater
Kate Slater Illustration
Christmas card by Fréya Art
Fréya Art
"12 Days of Christmas..." card design by Tina Webster
Tina Webster Illustration
A tin of festive Biscuiteers treats
Have a gander at my 22 festive blog posts so far and keep your eyes peeled for 2 more!

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