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The Smart(phone) Way to do Social Media

“I don’t have time for social media!” Is this your reason for not using social media for your business? Well, you are far from alone.

We did a post about this recently – have a look here!

Here at Top Left Design, we turn our spare moments into social media time by using the apps on our phones (mainly we have Blackberries and Iphones – and there is a bit of a debate on which is better).
When we are out and about, on our way home, and sometimes (rather dangerously) walking in the street, we check our phones for updates on Facebook, Twitter, and now Pinterest!

You can do it too. Here’s how!

Tweet on the go with Twitter

You can post a tweet in just 30 seconds using the Twitter app. That’s less time than it takes to boil the kettle for a cup of tea. You can also read the tweets from the people whom you follow and open links to the articles, photos and videos that they have shared.

Network with LinkedIn and Twitter

When you meet someone at a networking event, you can connect straight away using the LinkedIn app. Or you can while you are even still talking to them, find them on Twitter and follow them and send them a tweet.

Check in with your friends on Facebook

With the Facebook app, you can do pretty much anything you can do on Facebook itself.
You can read your newsfeed, post updates, photos and videos and instant message with your friends. You can also manage your business Facebook page. But we recommend doing most of your updates on your PC so you can ensure you keep your page visual.

Blog with WordPress or Tumblr

You can create or edit your posts, save drafts and manage your comments on your blog with these handy apps. You can even add photos or videos .
Earlier versions of the WordPress app received a lot of negative comments from users. The new version seems to have solved most problems.

Share your ideas with Pinterest

The app for Pinterest, the new kid on the social media block, allows you to browse other people’s pinboards. It’s a quick and fun way of seeing what others are creating. And it’s totally addictive!

Create sophisticated presentations with Keynote

With Keynote, you won’t be stuck with dull “five bullet points to a slide” presentations.
You’ll grab your audience’s attention with elegant themes, tables, charts, music, photos, videos and animations. After you’ve finished speaking, you can share your presentation on your website or blog and via social media.

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