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Seasonal Boosts!

“Seasonal Boosts” How to play and win - easy peasy!

Play over 12 days or all in one go!

This game is to give yourself a fun way to prepare for your upcoming year in terms or your business, website and marketing. Each day, you complete a task, and in some special way, you let us know! This is how you get your “boost”. You can follow along on our Instagram for our daily visual reveal! The game finishes on the 24th of December when you will see if your persistence paid off!

At this stage in the year, it’s too late to begin anything new and big. This game is designed to be quick and easy!

  • Designed to take you no more than 5 mins per “boost” we’ve created
  • Q+A: thought-provoking exercises
  • Tips
  • Entertainment
  • Reminders of creativity

Fun entertainment to open your minds with a bit of festive spirit. Like the 12 days, we’ve got it running over 12 days. However, unlike other such challenges, we give you permission to leave it to the last minute – this is because why not, life is tough enough!

Complete 12 Boosts and choose a prize!

  • Free custom layout design to be used on a newsletter, banner, post or page
  • Free coding review on security, SEO, usability and page speed – plus 5 quick coding fixes

12 Seasonal Boosts

  1. Easy start: Email with your name and website address and let us know if you want us to give you a quick website revision.
  2. Q+A to make you think! Send us the answer to this question: If a man came with an envelope and in it there was some magic dust that allowed you to do a week’s worth of work in just a few hours, what work would you like to accomplish with this magic?
  3. Tastemaker: List 2 websites you like – in any industry, and tell us why you liked them.
  4. Answer this question: It’s your choice and your chance to delegate – even hypothetically! Which of your roles and responsibilities would you get someone else to do if you could clone your skills?
  5. Xmas Origami: Tamlyn filmed this video on how to make a Christmas Origami Card. Check it out and let us know if this looks like fun or a hard task!
  6. Family Xmas Nostalgia: Amy shares her family Xmas tradition: “Mine was proper full family meal – turkey, potatoes, sprouts, gravy, bread sauce, chipolatas. And then trying out our new Lilos in the pool – Africa, am I right?” Today your Seasonal Boost is simply to think of a happy memory, and share this with us in whatever way you like – comment or email – share the memory, share the smiles!
  7. Watch a video: We filmed our friend Matt singing the TLD Xmas Song – give it a watch, and his talent, combined with our songwriting, will be sure to give you a boost! To prove it and get your boost point, tell us what was written on the van behind Matt, and tell us the last 2 lines in the song!
  8. Tell us a joke: To get this boost, just email us or comment with your favourite seasonal joke, and we’ll share our favourites on Instagram!
  9. Do you use Facebook for business? Our friend Rachel Collinson has an offer for you: Facebook Surgery. Ask us for the details!
  10. 6 tips boost: Choose which PDF you’d prefer from these headlines: “6 tips to avoid website failure” or “6 ways to achieve website success” and let us know your choice.
  11. TLD Quiz! Help us test our “What’s your website blind spot?” quiz – and let us know how long it took you to complete (average so far: 2 mins)
  12. 2022 Wishes: If you could be gifted a TLD service, which would you choose?

The rundown

  • You spend 5 mins a day on this, not more – on each Boost
  • “Boosts” can be a question, an exercise, a tip, or a step towards a better understanding of your business or purpose

You can play in 2 ways:

  • Check in once a day for the task – which we’ll be putting up on Instagram and Facebook
  • Or, leave it last minute, and surprise us with all your answers in one go!

Playing along not only gives you the chance to win but taking part is designed to help you with your marketing goals.

Why wait? Begin before you say bye to 2021!

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