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So you’re doing the daily social media updates about your business – now what?

Once you’ve gotten over the hurdle of setting up social channels and getting into the social media habit, it’s time put in some strategy behind it. For a business owner, it’s not as complicated and advances as you might think. Logical questions like “who are my audience?” and “what do I want them to think about me and my business” need to be asked. Then useful content needs to be creative.

The amount of time this takes depends on how quickly you as a person get into new habits.
You CAN do this within one week – go from Zero to Social Media Hero – in terms of YOUR activity. But results will take longer.

Daily Habits

For some people, these things are just a part of life. We are now in an age where social media is more mature. Many poeple use it daily, and it’s integrated into our habits. People have decided on which channels are appropriate for their businesses, and they know that letting things go dormant is a no no. So daily “a part of life” activity includes:

  1. Tweeting every day
  2. Sharing “behind the scenes” images
  3. Sharing tips
  4. Sharing blogs and other content within your industry
  5. Each time you post a blog or a piece of content, share this in the different channels in the appropriate way

More advanced stuff

These are the things that require a bit more planning, a bit more time and skill

  1. Creating a content calendar to plan in 3-6 month time periods
  2. Facebook banners (good to change every so often)
  3. Images to link to your blog posts (sized for Twitter/Facebook, with text overlaid)
  4. Images to embed into your blog posts (created for “pinning” on Pinterest)
  5. Infographics
  6. Reports
  7. Ebooks

Check out the 2 lists above. What are you feeling comfortable with? Where do you feel like “No, I can’t do MORE” work?
If you think that it’s too much, it’s a waste of time, consider this:
Some of your competitors are doing these thing already. In fact, it’s quite common
There is a system and a structure for any business activity, and it’s something that can actually be part of habits. In many companies nowadays, this sort of marketing is perfectly normal.
And – it works. If you market cleverly, you remind people about your business and what you’re up to.

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