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Work sprints - what's it all about?

What's all this about "work sprints"?

Ever hear me talk about “work sprints”? I mention it a LOT. It’s great for work nerds.
People who like me have a constant amount of work and lots to do. Work sprints are a fun way to get work done in a social, motivating, inspiring way. Ideal for work you can do on your laptop, rather than having phone calls. 
First, meet with a friend. I like to meet at nice environments like members clubs. I have done this at The Century Club, House of St Barnabas, Homegrown, and White City House. Many of these clubs don’t allow phone calls except in desegnated areas. I also find that the wifi is good at the Victoria branch of Le Pain Quotidien. Coffee shops are also fine, and if your laptop is like me you need a place where you can find available plugs.
Here’s how it works:

  1. You can meet with your friend or friends, and catchup. Use the first hour to make a list of the tasks you have to do. A brain dump of everything you have to do.
  2. Pick a task you can work on and tell each other what it is. It can be “reduce inbox by 20 emails” or “Write first draft of an article” or “work on a proposal for a client” or “run through your list of changes”.
  3. Then set a timer – can be 45mins, an hour, 90mins
  4. During this time, only work on that task. No talking allowed! This is your chance to focus!
  5. When the timer goes, share how you did. You can take a break, order a coffee, etc, but limit that break time to 10-15 mins – then repeat the process.

In a 3-5 hour session you could do 5 work sprints! You will be amazed at how focused and productive you will be. I have done this with lots of friends who have been so impressed with how fun the process is and how much we each can achieve!

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