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7 reasons to use chatbots for your business

Businesses all over the world are adopting digital transformation in order to modernize customer communication and enhance internal processes. Indeed, AI (Artificial Intelligence) is playing a vital role in 2020, as businesses of all sizes are adopting it.

With the escalating popularity of social media platforms and messaging, chatbots have now become the center of any business messaging. Indeed, according to the Business Insider report, it is expected that the majority of businesses would have some sort of a chatbot implemented. In this post, we’re going to discuss the top 7 reasons why you should build a chatbot for your business.

A Brief Intro to Chatbots

Chatbots are computer programs designed to have a real conversation with humans over the internet. There are mainly two types of chatbots – ones that use AI and second ones that are based on various choice scripts (i.e., selection option Y leads to path b).
These chatbots are implemented to personalize user experience. Indeed, they can be used with all popular messaging apps. They can comprehend spoken and written text and understand its meaning. They can then look up the most relevant info and deliver it to the users.

7 Benefits of Chatbots for Your Business

The primary benefit of chatbots for your business is reducing the expenses of your live chat support experts while winning your potential customers. 

1: Better Lead Generation

Most businesses rely on an omnichannel model in order to operate. They sell across the site, Facebook, and many other channels. Chatbots make an effortless approach for customers to connect with your business through existing messaging channels like Facebook Messenger.
Chatbots enable you to engage your audience with personalized messaging via their journey by recommending and guiding them in making a better and quick decision. The bots follow the preset questionnaire in order to make the visitors generate leads. Indeed, chatbots ensure that the flow is in an ideal direction to accomplish higher conversion rates.
In the eCommerce businesses, chatbots engage the customers by offering personalized recommendations, discount coupons, or combo offers to boost sales conversations. Overall, all we want to tell here is that chatbots grow your sales.
In fact, many popular eCommerce brands such as eBay shopbot, and H&M are leveraging chatbots to sell many products. It’s now your turn to take advantage of chatbots to generate more and more leads for your business.

2: Deliver 24X7 Automated Customer Support

Do you like to wait? Of course, no, and so do your customers as well. Chatbots engage customers 24X& with quick answers to all their common queries. Having immediate customer support available around the clock has a very positive impact on customer retention.
Chatbots can even direct customers to the most relevant answers that will genuinely help them, which results in enhanced customer satisfaction. Also, you can train your chatbot for customer chats by introducing general FAQs.

3: Boost Customer Engagement

There’s no doubt how imperative it is to keep your customers engaged and connected with your brand. According to several studies, it is demonstrated that businesses that engage with their customers were able to boost the customer spend by 20% to 40%.
Indeed, bots take customer engagement to the next level. The following are some great tips to help you create effective customer engagement:

  • Boost customer satisfaction – Chatbots deliver quick one-on-one responses to customers and exactly what customers want. Through this problem-solving approach and guidance, you can make your customers satisfied and happy.
  • Customers want personalization – Chatbots analyze the customer responses and offer related info immediately. Based on the customer history and details, chatbots can engage customers through the name during the chat.
  • Boost the user experience – Chatbots are your brand representatives. They do real-time conversations with your customers. When you install a chatbot to your communication channels, it offers a greater option for your customers to connect with you.

4: Save Time

In the business landscape, time is money. A chatbot empowers your business and helps to save time by offering the first level support that sorts a customer request before directing to the team.  Chatbots enhance productivity and efficacy by offering quick answers to customers for their queries. Therefore, bots considerably reduce operational costs, time, and manpower.

Below is how chatbots help to save time:

  • Chatbots automate info-based queries so that your experts spend more time on complex issues that truly need human support.
  • Bots are available 24X7 in order to deliver quick responses even at a time when human support isn’t available.
  • Chatbots make it easy for customers to book an appointment or make a purchase without waiting for any kind of human assistance.

5: Better Team Productivity

Indeed, these days the majority of customer interactions are managed without a human agent. Bots are vital to moving from human to automated customer support service for every business. They will not replace human agents entirely. Instead, they will empower you to offer primary support service that sorts a customer request before directing to the support agent.
Chatbots helps you to automate your customer service tasks and sales and boost your team productivity. For common queries, your customers contact you for the return policy, order status, delivery time, and more frequently. Chatbots can help you immediately address these queries and enable your customer service experts to focus more on important tasks that need human involvement.
The following are the key team productivity metrics that bots can improve:

  • Average resolution time – Bots engage customers by addressing their queries in real-time and significantly enhance response time.
  • First response time – Bots respond quickly to the general FAQs and questions in the first interaction and help your business to save customer service costs.
  • Number of queries resolved – With bots, basic customer queries can be addressed and answered, which will reduce the number of support tickets.
  • Number to accepted requests – Bots can easily scale when the conversations increase without ignoring any chats.

6: Scalability

Businesses offering support to their customers through live agents perhaps don’t know when they have to add more agents. In addition, hiring more agents means training costs, infrastructure costs, and loss of time. In such cases, the ultimate solution is to build a chatbot to handle conversations.
Unlike live support agents who can manage 2 to 3 conversations, bots can simultaneously deal with hundreds of conversations. Indeed, no matter how many customers or at what time they are reaching you, every chat will be addressed and answered right away.
Chatbots can be easily scalable to deal with a large volume of conversations without affecting your business costs.
Let’s imagine you own a restaurant business, and you are quite popular for your food delivery. When the demand increases, the customer orders go really high, but your small team can’t handle it. In such a situation, chatbots come quite in handy to address the problem. Indeed, big brands like Dominos and Taco Bell are using chatbots in order to manage the delivery of their products.

7: Reduce Human Errors

As we all know that human errors are unavoidable. Manual work always has a risk for some errors that can ultimately lead to big problems. Mistakes might occur while gathering customer info or sharing product pricing info.
Chatbots are the ultimate way to deliver error-free service and to avoid complications. As bots are programmed with all info, there won’t be any chance of errors. Indeed, bots guarantee accuracy, and that’s the most important for businesses to grow.

Bonus Tips: Things You Should Consider While Creating a Chatbot

As you can now see that chatbot benefits for your business are several. Chatbots grow your sales, boost team productivity, save time, and a lot more.
If you’re thinking about how to create a chatbot, then the following tips you should keep in mind while creating a chatbot for your business.

  • The whole idea about installing a chatbot for your business is personalization. Thus, your welcome screen should tell users about the features of your chatbot. In this way, users will feel more comfortable with your service.
  • Make sure to have a well-designed chatbot.
  • Use proper text formatting, high-resolution pictures and high-quality links in your chat bot replies.
  • Ask users for all the info you require rather than asking repeat questions.

Last Few Words:

In today’s highly competitive technology niche, where the customers are always on the quest for a more customized solution, it is truly challenging to satisfy customer’s requirements. Customers and users are getting smarter and will probably consider the solution that’s qualitative and simple to use at the same time. In such a scenario, chatbots are the ultimate solution to meet the requirements of today’s customer base. If you run a business, installing a free chatbot can truly help to accomplish a strong customer base offering a quick yet quality solution and support.

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