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What Mike Tompkins can teach us about business (and generally being great!)

Mike Tompkins Tweet - Thinking Fox
I recently came across via Twitter (a tweet from Rob Harrison @ThinkingFox – thanks Rob!) this amazing video by Mike Tomkins. He uses his voice and mouth to make sounds for music and has covered Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep” – all acapella style. This video builds up and up and just gets better and better as it goes. It’s a great song anyway but he has done such a brilliant job I was inspired to blog about it.

Take a few moments to immerse yourself in the happy enjoyment of watching this video – and then read on below for my business thoughts.

It’s an absolutely brilliant video and below I have extracted my thoughts of why you need to look at Mike and take inspiration from him.

There is always room for more talent on the internet

If anyone has ever been thinking to themselves – “I don’t need to be doing that, there are already loads of people doing the same thing online” – think again. Every one can add their own personal spin on what is out there. I already class Mystery Guitar Man as one of my favourite internet stars but I think Mike Tompkins is RIGHT UP THERE – and to be honest I only just heard about him yesterday.

Keep improving and adding variety

I am sure Mike will agree this is like a MASTERPIECE even though ALL his stuff is great – I like the way he worked new typographical style into his signs, his backdrop lighting, the different outfits, the dancing it’s an amazing production and the hard work has paid off.

Use Social Media

If you look at the links below and check out Mike’s Tweet Stream you will see that he is doing his part to let the world know his stuff is out there. I always say – marketing is worth putting the time into – it pays off! And you can see he has mentioned Adele with her original Twitter name, and

Let people discover more of you

It would be wasteful to put just ONE YouTube video up there and that’s it. Mike has been building his collection of videos now for a year and a half and from looking at this one I then watched some more of his stuff and was equally impressed – check out the below and see what you discover!

Check out Mike’s Links:!/mike_tompkins

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  1. Daniel Bertorelli

    Hi Keren!
    Great to see your posts, and how you guide people online using real life examples, like these ones above…
    Mystery Guitar Man is so funny, isn’t he?
    Keep up the great work!

    • Keren

      hi Dan – thanks for the comment – always lovely to have your support and to hear from you! Yes, I have listed MGM as one of my favourite brands actually – will be blogging more about him soon! XXX

  2. Karen Haller

    I love seeing people putting a new spin on things, taking something and either making it better or taking it in a new direction. This was great. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Laura

    OMG! This is brillaint. Thanks for sharing Keren! xx