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5 must follow social media rules

Turn that minefield into a goldmine - with these 5 must follow social media rules

Although I am a seasoned social media user, I still meet so many people who find it all so new and overwhelming. If this is you, hello! Don’t be overwhelmed. Social media can be fun, and you can learn so much about your industry – not just keeping up with the latest news, but picking up ideas for you to use in your marketing.
I admit there is a lot to learn. But sometimes, to avoid embarrassment (and everyone wants to avoid embarrassment) you need to know basic ground rules

  1. Don’t be an egg! Make sure you fill all your profiles properly – with a picture of your face, a well written bio, and your branding where appropriate. Read this article called “Don’t be an egg”
  2. Don’t be salesy! Use social media to share, inform and promote others. Use a good variety of different types of posts. This will mean people see you as interesting, useful and generous.
  3. You don’t need to spend all day on it – you know what your priorities are. But it is important to be consistent with your activity.
  4. Don’t underestimate the power of a blog – this is a place where you can really share your knowledge, advice, and case studies.
  5. Keep the proper business talk private: Build relationships online, but bring business conversations and negotiations to real life meetings or email wherever possible.

Do the above 5 simple things, and you will already be avoiding the mistakes so many people make on social media.
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