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Top 5 Social Media Management Tools

Check out this infographic - the Top 5 Social Media Management Tools

I was alerted to this infographic by Emeric Ernoult from Agorapulse, made by the guys at Seriously Social who partnered with G2Crowd (the “#1 tool review company in the US”) – it’s got a comparison on the top 5 Rated Social Media Management Tools.
You all know I love using Buffer (and have been since 2012!), and it only recently when I guest posted on We Are the City about my six tips for building your personal brand on social media that Emeric reached out.
He wrote: “In your latest blog post (hint, this one: Six tips for building your personal brand on social media) I noticed that you mentioned Hootsuite. Good pick: based on the largest user survey to date Hootsuite is one of the top 5 social media management tools on the market! Who says so you may ask? Great question 🙂 That ranking is based on more than 1,000 (actually 1,084!) user reviews from the very users of those tools. So it’s pretty data driven (and we love data, right?)”
He referred to an infographic on Seriously Social in a post from the founder of Seriously Social Ian Anderson Gray. I have embedded it below – and used their image (slightly adjusted for this blog)
Personally, I prefer Buffer to Hootsuite for my purposes, but the multi column display on Hootsuite is great for showing streams based on specific phrase searches, and watching the feeds of multiple people in your target audience.
He said:
“as a disclaimer, I don’t work for G2Crowd or Seriously Social, but for one of the other tools mentioned in that infographic… So yes, there is a level of selfishness in my motivation to bring that infographic to your attention, I confess ;-)”
I haven’t tried Agorapulse but now because of Emeric’s highly targeted (and slightly personalised) email – plus my innate obsession with Inbox Zero I will! Emeric can interview me on my first impressions in due course!

The Best 5 Rated Social Media Management Tools Infographic brought to you by Seriously Social and G2 Crowd

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