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TLD Xmas begins

We have already had our official Xmas Party!

This is not the ONLY celebration we have planned, but it’s the “formal dinner” one where we all went out for our Xmas meal, pulled some crackers, ate, drank, and wore hats.

We did a joint party with our friends from The Well Studio and Pilot Bean and there were approx 20 people there.

From Top Left Design there were 5 of us – Nick our intern, Keren, Amy, Anine and Gemma.

We went to the Hoxton Bar & Grill on Great Eastern Street, and we had a full three course meal. I must say, there was amazing selection of wine and dessert there.

You may be wondering – “Why did they have their Xmas party in November?”

The reason is that Amy is off to South Africa quite early in June and because Dave Patrick is off on holiday this weekend, we really didn’t have a choice!

We also had Christmas Crackers with mini games inside and a special Xmas quiz. The prize for the quiz was a bottle of Veuve Cliquot Champagne and it was won by Lee and Pete from The Well Studio.

The questions were thought up by the 3 company directors – Keren, Dave (from the Well Studio) and John (from Pilot Bean).

Needless to say, Keren, Dave and John didn’t participate in the quiz as that wouldn’t be fair, we knew all the answers already!

  1. What is a Favicon?
  2. What does AJAX stand for? (funniest answer: Amazing Jammy Aphrodisiac Xylophones)
  3. What does CMYK stand for?
  4. What does Kbps stand for?
  5. What is a “soft bounce” (funniest answer: it’s a squidgier version of a hard bounce)
  6. How many pixels are there in an inch? (Funniest answer: “10,0000”)
  7. Who got kicked out of Strictly Come Dancing last week?
  8. How old is Dave Patrick?
  9. What are the names of the 3 companies here?
  10. How many engaged couples are there here?

We wouldn’t mind opening the TLD Xmas Quiz out to all of you (Ok, it’s the TLD, WS, and PB Xmas Quiz if you want the long name)

Some of the questions, such as engaged couples at our Xmas table and Dave’s age, are of no relevance to you readers unless you were there – so instead, here is the quick quiz. Submit us your answers by email and then you too could win Veuve Cliquot Champagne or another equally generous prize.

So, your questions are:

  1. What is a Favicon?
  2. What does AJAX stand for? What does CMYK stand for?
  3. What does Kbps stand for?
  4. What is a “soft bounce”
  5. How many pixels are there in an inch?

Get back soon with your answers!

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