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TLD in the press - social media and career advice

TLD in the press: Social Media and Career Advice

Over the past few months, Top Left Design has featured in several publications sharing advice and top tips! From career advice to social media tips and how to learn from your mistakes, take a look at where we’ve featured in the press over the last few months.

My career advice

Last month I was interviewed by web design magazine, .Net, to share my career advice alongside other experienced industry professionals, for those looking to start their career in web design. I explained how I met one of my recent employees (Charlotte) at a Christmas Party and how her enthusiasm for the industry really impressed me, and that can get you far if you’re looking for a new job.
The article ‘Build your perfect career’ appeared in their latest print edition of the magazine which you can find here.

Social media tips

Many people set up both professional and personal social media accounts – seems logical – but it causes problems – it’s a lot to manage and if you leave the so called professional one dormant, it can put you in a negative light professionally. People tend to separate them if they have a few ‘embarrassing’ photos, but I believe that if you cultivate a good impression, you shouldn’t see the need to separate your accounts. Read my article on ‘6 tips to avoid social media embarrassment’ on Social News Daily.
If you’re outsourcing your social media management, your social media manager needs to know three key things in order to become an integrated part of your business and create a successful campaign:

  1. Your business goals
  2. How to use multi-channel content effectively
  3. Your values and beliefs

Read more about this on Grow Map.

Learning from your mistakes

As a business owner, it’s absolutely crucial to learn from your mistakes. In a recent article on, I admitted and shared my nine biggest mistakes and what I learnt from them, including hiring the wrong people, accepting bad deals and reacting emotionally, not logically.
Read the full article  on
With 2017 drawing to a close, we are nearly on our final coverage round up of the year! If you want to check out more coverage of  Top Left Design to date, click here.

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