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The Oyster Club Black Pearl Special Offer

The Oyster Club Black Pearl Special Offer


We have a special offer for all Black Pearl members for this year of our inaugural membership at The Oyster Club.
For those who don’t know about it, The Oyster Club is a new different type of networking organisation. The difference is: “No format, no rules, no badges, no pitching, just introductions, bubbles and fun. It’s business, of course. It must be the Oyster Club.”
As a Black Pearl Member I have additional access to more events, workshops and member offers and I am doing a special offer for fellow Black Pearl members – a one hour consultancy session with me to “improve your presence online”.
I did an offer like this for 4 businesses earlier this year and have had some great success – including the launch or Tumblr blogs to replace people’s out of date or non existance web presences. A blog is not a website but it’s a good start.
Here are the things we can cover:

  • Social media – how you use it, what you are doing right, what you could do better or more of
  • Twitter strategies – how to expand contacts, build relationships and move connections to “real life”
  • Events – how to incorporate your event planning with your online marketing – you can work plans and strategy – based on your and your team’s current capabilities
  • Email newsletters – What you use now for email marketing, what options are out there for you to use this better
  • Blogging – How to make the most of blogging tools around, what kind of customisation options are there

So, for Black Pearls reading this offer Click on this link to apply!
Once you email us your details and a bit of background information about your current online presence and marketing situation, we can book in a meeting at a convenient time. Meetings will take place at our Central London office and will last one hour.

What about the other Oyster Club members – do we get a deal too?

For other Oyster Club members I am still doing a special deal of only £55 if you get in touch by the end of June 2011 – just email me and ask me what it is!

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  1. Tanya Rennick

    Keren, this is without a doubt one of the best value offers to all Oyster Club Members. After an admittedly slow start, my blog is about to go live thanks to your encouragement. But just commenting on other peoples blogs does amazing things for your on line profile. You explain it with such clarity. Every time you suggest something for me to do and I follow through, it brings results.
    Lovely Pearls of Joy, this is a no brainer. Take advantage of this exceptional offer. Go and see Keren for an hour of pure genius, brought to you through the wonders of The Oyster Club.

  2. Tamsin Fox-Davies

    This is a great offer, Keren. I want to take it up!
    Although I often advise others on their websites, I know that you can give me a completely different view with some top strategy & design pointers.
    Book me in!