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The experience I gained after my 3 weeks Internship at TLD!

Rabia Baig - 3 weeks internship
Hi, my name is Rabia and I have done 3 weeks internship at TLD. Coming to TLD has made my passion in design grow even further. After these 3 weeks at TLD I have gained first-hand experience in what work life is really like and how to work to deadlines but also have fun at the same time by bringing a smile to the team by asking for a cup of tea or helping them out with their work which they have sent to me to do.

The team at TLD and especially Keren have taught me a collection of skills that will help me improve my designs when using Photoshop and InDesign. It was tough at the start to get your head around but after some instructions from Keren and a huge load of work to do, made me feel more comfortable when doing my work and more confident when sending my working to her to check. This is not the only skill that I have experienced while here there have been many.
So here are some skills that I have learned:

1. Organisation

This was one of most important focal point of my learning and also a skill that I have learned during the process. Without this I will have not been able to complete any of the task set or have been able to work to deadlines or would be able to find any pieces of my work.

2. Using Photoshop and InDesign

As having a passion in design I had to get use to using these softwares. With the help of the tutorials that Chris had sent to me made me feel more relaxed when it came to designing, an image series or even creating different designs for a benefits booklet.

3. Confidence

I have gained a lot of confidence during my internship here at TLD. As a quite person I did not talk a lot, the team have made me feel so comfortable in myself and have made me feel as part of the team so when it came to asking for help I had no hesitation to ask for it.

4. Research task

I also did a lot of research before getting started into any work. By doing this made me increase by knowledge when it came to designing for purpose.

5. Blog post

This was the last thing that I had to finish up my internship with and I also got to use WordPress which was completely new to me. I had to write a blog about everything that I experienced during my 3 weeks.

6. How to be good intern

This is for anyone that wants to start here as an intern they will need to know this. Whatever work is set make sure that is done before the deadline, always feel confident when asking questions because it is better to make a mistake then getting it right the first time around.
So to cut it all short, I will like thank you everyone at TLD and Keren for giving me the opportunity to experience what work life is really like and also helping me to see more in-depth into my passion. Also for helping me out when needed and also answering any of my questions that I had, also making me feel comfortable and part of the team.

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