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What makes you a "star pupil"?

Some of our clients become "star pupils" - here's what they do

We learn a lot from our clients, about their businesses, what works and what doesn’t, who they are looking to meet, who their best clients are, and what their challenges are. We don’t run a school, but one of our big values is “Teach and Learn”.
And we work with all sorts of clients, large and small, and many of them prefer, they say, to continue along the path of marketing with just a few maintenance changes on their site but with them essentially managing their stuff themselves.
Some of our clients we see as “star pupils” the ones who take the knowledge, skills and tools we teach them, and use it to becoming better and better at their marketing. With a little bit of basic training they are doing the rest themselves!
Star Pupils – how to become one?
Get us involved earlier! We have a minimum acceptable level when it comes to the work we do – and it’s a very high standard. Our websites are clear, and the messages are clear. Our designs are eye catching and our clients feel proud of the way they are represented
Take on board our training and advice: DIY without any research and guidance just has that DIY look and feel to it. With practice and a bit of supervision, over time, our clients can let go of our hands and walk more independently
Follow a rhythm: They update their blog and social media profiles with a regularity based on the strategies and ideas we have helped with them. They share good content regularly across their social media platforms, using tools to make it easy on them timewise (we share a few of our tricks) and they build up connections and followers.
Get the team involved. Not our team, we are going to be involved! I mean YOUR team. This means they have updated LinkedIn profiles,  well designed Twitter backgrounds (designed by us) well written Twitter bios, and they contribute to the blog. One person in the team is the assigned editor.
• Let the day to day and your clients inspire them. Listening to what people are asking you, noticing what people are struggling with, remembering “the most interesting thing that happened this week” all contributes towards fresh ideas for new content which is meaningful and useful.
• Allow your human side to come through: Write in the first person, interact with others on social media in a friendly and helpful way, being open about who they are as people
Sounds good right?
The point of all this is to build a great online reputation takes a development of skills and habits – and we have seen time and time again it’s possible to do this well, without needing to completely outsource it.
In fact, by keeping it in house, after initial training and help on “complicated” things like code, illustration design and copy editing, your voice is more true and authentic.
If this all sounds right, natural and a no brainer, please get in touch by email and we can setup a free chemistry meeting on how this could work for you.

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