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Should we have professional photography in our website?

Should we have professional photography in our website?

Having good quality images on your site can set you apart from your competitors in a big way. Have you ever been to a website and thought “those pictures are awful”? How did that affect your impressions of the company? I’d be willing to bet that your perception of the company went down some – the quality of your content is directly linked to how your visitors perceive the overall quality of your company.
There’s nothing worse than having a great website designed, only to populate the pages with low quality clipart style stock imagery, or dodgy team pictures.

  • If you are a venue – people will want to see the venue in all it’s glory
  • If you have a physical product – then show off the product with high quality pictures
  • If you have people in your business – (yes we know this means everyone!) – adding team pictures creates trust and transparency

Professional photography really does add a sophisticated and unique feel to your company and products. Below is just a small collection of  professional photography used throughout websites TLD has designed – now you’ll be able to see why professional photography is a must!

Venue Photography


Caldesi uses high quality photography to showcase their elegant restaurant interior – allowing any visitors to their site to see exactly what they are in for!

Product Photography

Goo Goo Gourmet

The Goo Goo Gourmet website has stunning product photography, cleverly placing the raw ingredients of the food next to the finished product. In times where we are all very conscious of what is put into our food, the images here combine peace of mind with beautiful pictures of food.
Goo Goo Gourmet product photography
Photography by Studio Erameri

The Nut Hut

Product imagery can sometimes become bland and repetitive – but not on The Nut Hut’s website! The food has been arranged in different ways almost like a sculpture, showing that even the most basic types of food can be displayed in an innovative way.

The Nut Hut product photography

Photography by Studio Erameri


As well as being a restaurant, Caldesi is also a cookery school, and the images here create a classic kitchen feel – freshly cut bread, raw dough covered in flour, and well prepared finished meals. If looking at these images doesn’t make you hungry, there must be something wrong with you…

Caldesi product photography

People Photography


Olim have used clean, well composed images of their staff to show that their company has a face – visitors to the site establish a bond of trust when they see the people behind the name.
Olim people photography
Photography by Nigel Charman


Again, Caldesi is a prime example of well taken photography – pictures of their staff are up on the site to let you know who will be teaching you to cook in their cookery school, and who will be cooking the food you eat in the restaurant itself. You don’t get that kind of exposure at McDonalds!

Caldesi people photography

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  1. Yvonne White

    I was passed this link be a friend who knows I have been saying the same thing on my own site. A very well written piece Karen, you have said it much better than I have but we certainly agree – a good picture can make your website & company stand out, a bad one can have people clicking away in an instant.

  2. Matt

    Unless you’re a dating website 😉 In which case you want warts and all!

  3. Natalie Smith

    Hi Keren
    Great post, I couldn’t agree more. There is nothing more disappointing than seeing a great organisation misrepresent themselves with below average photography.
    Great minds must think alike as we’ve posted a blog with a similar message this morning! A client came to us and for a variety of reasons couldn’t use professional photography for their subject matter, so we had to find another route! Our blog covers this in more detail…
    Thank you for an interesting post,

  4. Tanya Rennick

    I completely agree. Because my company runs live events, I always invite a guest photographer to capture the moment. This promotes the photographer, the speaker and all the guests because we put the pictures on the website, tag them on Facebook and sometimes even tweet them which people find fun!