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Andie Xmas Party

Seven Sweet TLD Things I Will Miss

By Andie Ticknor
For the past three months, I have been an intern at Top Left Design. It has been an amazing experience for me for the following reasons:

1. Lovely Co-Workers

I had the privilege of working closely with Tamlyn and Keren this semester. These ladies work hard, and put care into everything they do. They have really shown me patience and appreciation. As much as I am leaning on them to learn, they also always make me feel like I am an effective contributor to the work that they do. That is the best kind of relationship that an intern can ask for from their mentors. These ladies are cool, funny, and sweet.

2. Work Environment

I love this office space. It’s just as comfortable to be here as it is to be back at my flat. Coming from my last internship, where I worked in a cubicle, there has been a huge difference in collaboration and work relationships because of the open office plan. Since I’m sitting right across from my co-workers, it doesn’t feel intimidating to ask them questions. It fosters quicker feedback and more teamwork, which is really powerful from an intern perspective.

3. Tony and Bun Runs

Tony works in the other space in our office. Some mornings, he comes into our room, throws his arms in the air, and declares “BUN RUN!” This was a new concept to me when I had first gotten to TLD, but I quickly found out it meant breakfast. Tony, I have enjoyed not only the calories, but also your general friendliness and warm attitude. Thank you for such a warm welcome!

4. Clients

One thing that Keren is very good at is networking and making friends. I feel like I have learned a lot from watching her interact with clients, and the clients really respond to her positive attitude. They return it back to the company as a whole. I got to meet a lot of clients throughout the semester as they came into the office for meetings, and I met a lot more at the Top Left Design Christmas Party. They were all just as welcoming as everyone in the office. I had so much fun getting to learn about all the various businesses that TLD works with.

5. Learning Graphic Design

Even though this semester I did a lot of graphic design work, I am actually in school for Industrial and Product Design. I was excited for this opportunity because graphic design is a skill that product designers need to have. The amount I have learned from Keren and Tamlyn is amazing. I definitely still have a long way to go, but now there is quite a solid foundation for me to build on. I am excited to implement these skills in future school projects and jobs.

6. Creating Fun Content

Top Left Design excels in fun content. Some of my favorite projects have been creating recycling signs to make our office greener, Awareness Days for Instagram (look for some of my designs in the next few months!), and the Christmas coasters. These projects were bright and engaging, and a great way to practice the skills I have been learning. I got to use skills like illustration to create fun and engaging icons, and it has been really rewarding to see my work on display for anyone in our offices or on social media.

7. Soho and London

To match the amazing office space, we have an awesome office location. Soho is one of my favorite areas in London. There is a good hustle and bustle about it, but it is small enough to not be overwhelming. There are tons of cool areas and pockets of restaurants to explore, and the lights during the Christmas season have been so beautiful. I love walking to and from work because of everything I get to see. London has been so good to me, and I am so thankful for this opportunity.

Thank you for an excellent experience!!
Much love,
Andie Ticknor

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