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Self Appreciation Quarter

Self-appreciation quarterly theme - more details!

When Keren went to Dublin for the EO “One Level Up” event, she learned the amazing benefits of companies having “Quarterly Themes” at a talk by Gene Browne, CEO The City Bin Co.

He shared images and ideas for what his company does to incentivize staff, motivate the team to work for a common goal with “Quarterly Themes”. These had to be decided, designed, communicated and rolled out, in a fairly large company, with prizes and milestones. His company has been doing these regularly for years, and he showed us some impressive slides on how far they take it, with branding, theme design, posters, daily internal prompts and newsletters, and big achievements,

So, in January, I presented the concept to the others in the TLD Leadership Team (Amy, Tam, and Elisa) and together we came up with our own quarterly theme. Many of the elements are health-related – challenges that make us a healthier team, which means we will be more able to achieve our goals for the business this year.

Our quarterly theme is called “Self Appreciation” and has the following “rules”. We get points each day for completing our exercises/succeeding in cutting out the unhealthy food/drink habit. There is a generous and tempting spa/beauty/retreat type prize offered to the winner.

The “rules”

  • A type of exercise that increases by 10 each day – eg 80 squats on 8th Jan, 280 on the 28th Jan – and we’re swapping to another exercise at the end of each month.
  • No [something] 4 days a week – we choose what to fill in the blank with (sugar, alcohol, gluten)
  • One scary thing a week – we tell each other what we’re each going to do that’s out of our comfort zone, and we then go and do it!

We’re happy to share our points system and details of the prize, but for the sake of remaining elusive and mysterious, we would like to invite you to be bold, be brave, get in touch, and ask – you’ll be charmed by how readily we’ll reveal even more details!

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