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5 tips to boost employee motivation

5 tips to boost employee motivation

In order for any business to succeed, it must have the people.

Within the EOS system we have the acronym “GWC” – get / want / have capacity: The people understand their jobs and know what’s expected, they want to do this work and enjoy it, and they have the time and motivation to do the job well. If you do not hire the correct team to uphold the business’s goals, then you are already doomed. However, even if you have the correct staff behind the business, you still have to ensure that they are motivated. Employee motivation ensures that employees are bringing a level of productivity, commitment, drive, and energy to the business.

Read on to find out tips to boost employee motivation. 

Why is it important? 

Productivity Increases 

  • Employee motivation is extremely important from a business point of view as it usually means higher productivity levels. Ensuring that you implement employee motivation techniques encourages employees to be more energetic and ready to make their mark on the business. More productivity means that they are able to do more for your business, meaning that your return on investment is much higher than a demotivated staff member. 

Reduces absenteeism and staff turnover 

  • Having highly motivated staff members is a great way to cement the ideology that your workplace is somewhere that employees want to stay. If you are giving them reasons to stay motivated then they will truly have no reason to dread coming to work or ever want to leave unless it’s for personal reasons. In turn, this will majorly reduce both absenteeism and staff turnover

Tips on how to keep staff motivated 

  1. Lead with vision. As a manager/business owner, you should have a clear and concise vision of how you want the business to be perceived and the way you want your staff to feel. Ask yourself questions prior to starting this project such as; What does success look like for the company? What are the next steps? 
  2. Make sure you tell staff ‘why’. Again, when starting this motivation project, you should sit down with staff members and give them the details of your vision and why you think this will be beneficial, not only for the business but for them to be a part of this. 
  3. Offer benefits. If staff are working incredibly well and ticking off most goals each week, you should always have it in your mind that they will be rewarded. Staffs are your bread and butter and without them, your business would be nothing. Most business owners have this ideology that they won’t have time to implement these benefits, however, you can use a benefits platform tool like this example – Zest’s employee benefits platform – to make things a lot easier. 
  4. Set frequent and realistic targets. Setting targets each week is something that we would encourage all business owners to do. This gives employees the chance to motivate themselves by saying ‘I will meet this target’. Targets have to be realistic though, if they are unrealistic and employees fail to meet them, then this could have disastrous effects on their motivation levels as they feel they aren’t performing well. 
  5. Support employee well-being. This is one of the key things that employers have to make sure that they are doing. With the great resignation in full swing, employees that feel they aren’t being looked after in the workplace will not only feel demotivated but they will most likely leave the business. Employers should ensure that they are implementing well-being programs such as methods to look after their mental health and offering physical well-being perks such as gym memberships. Employees are extremely grateful that employers think of them this way and would be extremely motivated to do all they can to ensure that their business succeeds to thank them. 

Stick to these tips 

You should encourage everyone in the hierarchy of your business to follow these tips precisely, if they do so, they will more than likely have an elite team of motivated staff. 

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