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Rachel Collinson's Story about our work

Rachel says it better than we ever could!

We’ve been working on a WordPress project with Rachel Collinson from The Donor Whisperer.

She works closely with charities and helps them increase their income by finding more super-donors, using her ‘Values-Driven Fundraising System’. She’s got a programme she takes her charity clients through which helps them adopt these new practices. On average her clients will increase their income from individual donors by 208.18% in the following year!

She came up with a great idea for an offer, a “Wordpress Surgery” and this is because she does Facebook Surgeries for non-profit clients

In addition, she wrote a very impactful email to her charity clients about her experience with us, and I wanted to share this with her because she says wonderful things about us, and also she writes so well! Below is the email, copy-pasted word for word!

Subject: WordPress woes?

Hi there!

Do you use WordPress? If not, you can hit ‘archive’ or delete this email now – it’s not for you. (Have a lovely week!)

If you do, I’ll bet there are a few things about it that you find baffling, annoying, or downright scary. (Yeah, I’m thinking of the ever-present nightmare of being hacked; sorry to bring it up).

Yes, WP is a great open-source tool. Yes, it’s a good choice for a website platform. But it’s not perfect.

Did your developer hand over your website, and then ghost you? Or perhaps you’ve been waiting for weeks for them to help you with a bug. Or they didn’t train your staff that well and glitches are creeping into your content. Maybe they quoted you a five-figure sum to be paid each year just to keep the site online, you couldn’t afford that, and now there’s nobody making sure your site is secure. Or things are just breaking here and there, and you don’t know why. Or, worse – you’re locked out from editing!

Here’s a solution for your WordPress woes.

My friends at Top Left Design are offering WordPress surgeries for a limited time. If you have any of the issues above (or perhaps something else), you can fill in their short application form. If they can, they will help diagnose or even fix your most pressing issue within the space of 1 hour, for just £100/$150.

Take a look: Top Left Design WordPress Surgeries

Over the last 20 years, I’ve worked with a LOT of different coders and agencies. It’s taken me this long to find an agency I can trust when it comes to WordPress. I vetted them by spending my own money on a project. It went better than expected (and I expect a lot from the people I work with). I was wowed by how fast they worked, and the design was gorge. So I’m half hoping they don’t get too booked up because of this! </selfish mode off>

By the way, it’s my policy not to charge commission on any product. This is so my clients can be sure that, when I get all excited about useful stuff, that’s because it’s useful; end of.

Super extra points bonus: they are one of the few agencies I know of who are female-led! It feels great to strike a blow for equality with this email.

Hope you have a wonderful autumn. I’m now thinking wistfully about all the lollipops I could have had and the beaches that I missed seeing, but ah well. Next year.

Rachel Collinson

Donor Whisperer

Mobile: +44 797 41 46 181


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