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Planning for digital marketing in 2018 - is it worth the time?

Argh! Were you going to try and get away with it? 
As in – were you actually going into 2018 without engaging in planned and strategic digital marketing? Nooo!
It’s time to get with the times!
“But we’re already doing fine!” We hear you, we do. Though it’s quite a rare claim!
Perhaps your business is making plenty of sales without the aid of social media or an interactive website. But just think how many more you could be landing with the support of a strong digital marketing strategy.
Digital marketing can create impressive returns, despite the initial effort to engage feeling like a big investment. The results may not always be immediately tangible in sales numbers, but surely a wider reach, increased awareness and enhanced reputation are invaluable to any business owner – and this along with improving your customer experience and business efficiency means you’re priming yourself for success
2018 is the year to capitalise on your channels of communication and embrace the tools of modern marketing. Perhaps you’re apprehensive of the unknown, or are unsure of the true value of these tools, but there’s no time like the present.

Leads and relationships

Google has replaced the phonebook, so if you have little online presence, or what you do have doesn’t show off your brand in the best light, you are severely limiting your chances of being discovered. You might have a website and a few social media profiles, but keeping these channels regularly updated with new content is key to ensuring that you are attracting new business leads. In addition, creating an archive of useful material can really help you create touchpoints for prospects. Your content can help to answer the frequently asked questions you get during the sales process.


One side effect of increased leads is of course business growth. By embracing marketing, small businesses can ‘future-proof’ themselves within the changing market. Customers demand change (and you know, their demands also change – but that’s a separate discussion!), and marketing plays a huge role in ensuring that you, as a business, don’t show up as stagnant or disappear from people’s minds.

Online helps offline

Despite the digital world, offline activity is still an essential part of doing business. However, by embracing online marketing tools you could find yourself with an enhanced offline strategy. By expanding your reach with social media, you can keep in touch with people you meet through non-invasive marketing activity such as industry talks and conferences.

The benefits outweigh the hassle

More prospects, an improved online presence, a measurable impact and a better rounded marketing strategy – Now does it all seem appealing? 2018 is the year to make time for marketing and learning how to do it properly in order to reap the business benefits. I don’t want to be telling you to do the same thing this time next year! In the words of Karen Lamb – a year from know you’ll wish you started today.
If you want a refresh for the New Year or you want to do digital marketing right, we’re offering  free of charge planning meetings where we facilitate 5 tips for low hanging fruit and 5 quick wins – if you book in December for January!

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