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Want to improve your productivity? This will help - for super entrepreneurs!

Patty Cruz Fouchard from Organised & Simple is a professional organiser and efficiency expert for homes and offices. Some folks don’t even realise that people like this exist! But they do!
We worked on a really great little project with her – an infographic PDF – which shows you how to be a “Super Entrepreneur” and work really efficiently.
You can see a little snapshot our design below.
Organised & Simple - Productivity PDF - Super Entrepreneur
Patty commissioned us to illustrate a very specific character – a “Super Entrepreneur”. If you want to receive the PDF – “5 ways to improve productivity in an Entrepreneurial Environment”, written by Patty Cruz Fouchard and designed by TLD, let us know an we will send it across! And – check out our interview with Patty – below!
Organised and Simple - our interview with Patty

What made you decide to create this piece of content?

Two reasons really:

  1. I’m undertaking an Entrepreneurs Accelerator course called K.P.I (Key Person of Influence), as part of that an open challenge was set, the challenge was to think and write the 5 most common mistakes our target make and get a professional layout to use as marketing material.
  2. I have been working mainly helping the residential market get organised; given that I have a corporate background I want to also help businesses be more efficient with their time, space and information. I saw this as an opportunity to create valuable content for this market.

Who is it aimed at?

It is for busy, successful, intelligent, resourceful business owners. Their business is growing at a fast pace and they feel constantly on the go, there is too much going on and have no time to think. It’s for people who feel very passionate about their business and would like to spend more time on the core activities of the business rather than admin.

Why did you choose to use TLD for the work?

I’ve attended training courses run by Keren and I have experienced first hand how she is so sharp and super creative. I also read her blogs which are full of current, useful information and have seen the work that goes into the design of the work she is involved with (through her portfolio and network), it’s not only about designing, it’s more about strategy and content to make the design work.

What surprised you about working with us?

Mainly 3 things:

  1. The research that went into understanding my target market; the style, typography and colours used in my branding; the thoughts and ideas I had for the illustration I had in mind (the superhero) and how those requirements were captured.
  2. Speedy yet very high quality delivery of the illustration and the layout of the PDF. I even got 3 different options of the superhero to choose from!
  3. The feedback on the content/text as well as some suggestions on how to make the most out of the PDF file is what I valued the most!

Did you learn anything from the experience?

Communication is key – being as clear as possible with ideas, ideal client and design makes the process smoother and quicker.
It’s great I got many detailed questions from Tamlyn, to better understand what I wanted. It’s good too that I also had a very good idea of what I wanted.

What has the feedback been from sharing this – so far?

It’s funny, easy to read, realistic (i.e. other busy entrepreneurs can relate to it) and appealing to the eye (in terms of the layout and presentation).

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