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Busy lifestyle? Life actually becomes busier without yoga.

Written by George Matsev

So, you’re rushing to go to work? That’s probably because you didn’t get enough sleep last night, you were working late, and you hit the snooze a few times before you got out of bed.

Most people with a busy lifestyle think that sleep is pretty much the only way to rest, not true.

That’s where yoga comes in.

Yoga is probably the best thing for your body after sleep. Sleep is easy; yoga requires focus and engages you in physical activity. I know what you’re thinking:

“I don’t have time for Yoga!”

That might be true but remember that every person in the world has only 24 hours a day.

If you dedicate 30 minutes of your day to yoga, you still have 1410 minutes left.

The problem is getting to the yoga class. This could be a nightmare with all that it takes to get there.


So that leaves busy people with one option:

To do it at home.

If you think that’s challenging because you don’t have a yoga teacher at your beck and call – worry not. All you need is a mat and a computer.

Udaya’s online classes will take care of the rest.

We have the best yoga teachers in the world, providing tons of practices for you to try. The classes are full HD. They were actually shot in a film studio. They offer three new classes every week. Some have live music as well.

If practicing outdoors is your style, take your tablet to the park, find a nice spot and away you go. Make sure you have an internet connection. Can you imagine being in the woods and meditating next to a tree and listening to some of our Indian musicians?

Don’t be afraid if you are a beginner. Class difficulty vary, so choose a level one class. If you want to push yourself to the limit, you can go to the choose a level 2 or 3 class. They also offer restorative classes as well. What matters is you are doing it. It’s called “practice” for a reason.

Managing time can be very hard sometimes.

That’s why we also provide classes with different lengths, so you don’t need to devote all of your free time to yoga.

Eventually all the time invested into having a consistent yoga practice will pay back with huge dividends. It’s like a time deposit, you invest a little bit of your time every day and in the end of the year, you’ve become more focused, less stressed, your  mind is capable of better decisions. You become more organized and work takes less time.

These qualities are the biggest timesavers in everyday life and practitioners directly benefit from this.


All of a sudden you realize that you worry less.

Your life isn’t about being buried in the office surrounded by cluttered documents.

You begin to enjoy life and be grateful that you were born. You find that inner abundance and to feel great in your body.

Chances are that you are not the only one trapped in this everyday time deficit. There are a lots of people like you who have yet to discover Udaya. It’s an online community and you can exchange experience with all of those people on how they manage their time throughout the day in order to be efficient. Simply connect with them on the Facebook group Udaya Yogis.

You can even meet the Udaya yogis in our yoga retreats.

All of them are talented busy people like you, and they believe yoga has changed their lives in the best possible manner.

Who knows, maybe you can end up participating in one of our shoots we do every year in Bulgaria (just get in touch if this sounds interesting to you!).


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