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How do I get more people to read my posts on LinkedIn?

How do I get more people to read my LinkedIn posts? (LinkedIn Blogging)

I have been working with a lot of clients recently helping them to get into the habit of blogging using  LinkedIn’s “Pulse” blogging feature, which I really love. The interface is great, it’s mobile friendly and therefore easy to read on your smartphone, and the people you are connected with on LinkedIn are theoretically, your closest network (personally I only connect with people who I have met – or by rare exception – corresponded with).
One of my clients who is publishing like crazy (and already has had some incoming enquiries as a result) asked me a very good question
“How do I get more people to see my post on LinkedIn?
My answer – keep reading!

External factors that affect who sees your LinkedIn blog post

First we have to understand there are external factors, things you have less control over.
There are many factors which affect who sees and how many people see your LinkedIn post.
These include:

  • Number of contacts you have on LinkedIn
  • Popularity of your topic
  • Strength of your headline
  • How many people are online when you publish the post

Quick wins – things you can proactively do

There are the the things you can pro-actively do:

  • Put a shortened link to your latest post in your email signature
  • Add the post to your website but ask your website people (if you have a WordPress site and if you use the “Yoast” SEO plugin) to add the “canonical URL” of the LinkedIn post in advanced settings
  • If anyone comments on your post, comment back and this will bring the post up higher in the newsfeed again
  • Connect with more people
  • Make more improvements to your profile
  • Be more active on Linkedin

When you have only just written a first post, there is no “rhythm” yet.
The idea is that when you do post regularly, people will see your name more often, and associate you with your expertise.
Also, when you have written a few posts, they show up on your LinkedIn profile, so people who connect with you may also read the posts you have written.
I hope you have found this useful, and would welcome any suggestions you have tried that work for you!

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