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"Latest news" or "Blog" - what should you name it?

Some of our clients find it hard to get their head around the word “Blog”.
People say “we dont need a blog – can we have “Latest news” instead?
In essence a blog is the same thing as a “Latest News” but better! So much better!
We want our clients to be happy – so they choose ultimately what they will call their links! Let’s explore this in a bit more detail.

Technology behind the page

In terms of how the site is built, even if you do call the section “News” it’s usually best to use WordPress blog to make it anyway.
WordPress allows for the following features:

  • Automatic archiving
  • Every time you make a new article or “post” it creates a new page on the internet – great for search engines and for keeping track of the info
  • A calendar which allows you to navigate between posts
  • Categorisation
  • You can tag posts with keywords which is good for search engine
  • You can make your URLs for your blogs into keyword rich, search engine friendly URLS
  • WordPress is easy to learn – we find our clients learn this within 1 hour of training – and that includes resizing images and tagging, categorising. It does take practice though – for some more than others.
  • This means there is a “content management” element in the website, which allows you to update the blog and therefore the site quickly and easily.

So, what can you use a blog for?

With a blog you can have the following:

  • Advice posts to show your expertise
  • A collection of projects which have some sort of common thread
  • A review of a supplier
  • A review of an event
  • An interview with one of the partners
  • An interview with an expert in the field or someone well known in your industry
  • A guest blog post
  • Revealing a little known fact about your work
  • Case Study or story of one of your projects
  • Video blog posts – so blogs with a video embedded into them

And what about “Latest News” – what sort of things go there?

On a news section you can basically only have things that are considered “news” – as in new cases, deals, press mentions and events. That’s it really (but more suggestions welcome).

So, are you convinced?

One more thing – calling it blog shows how social media savvy and modern you are too.
So, my vote goes to calling that section “Blog” not “Latest News” – but of course it’s up to you!

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  1. Michael Harper

    I was actually searching for a comparison of the merits of using Blog versus News – and your article gave me just that – and some insights that had not occurred to me.
    Thank you!

  2. Mason Jacob

    Contact Dynamic Sales Solutions today and let us help you grow your business through effective website design , digital marketing strategies, and search engine optimization. Get ready for success! 💪

  3. sgtamilan

    Read information Choosing between “Breaking News” and “Blog” depends on the brand and audience preferences. Ultimately, it’s about engaging readers with the right terminology, aligning with your brand identity and encouraging discovery. Great idea.