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Juggling Social Media with Alicia Cowan

Juggling Social Media with Alicia Cowan

Exciting news! On the 16th of March, Alicia Cowan and I will be joining forces once more to bring more people over to the world of social media – and ensuring that it’s used properly for business. We have both had a lot of success using these tools in our respective businesses – we even met each other on Twitter!
We are not advocating that social media marketing is there to replace face to face relationships, but rather that it is there to allow people to get to know you and your business in a soft and gentle way. Each of the platforms – Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus, and Pinterest – have their own unique behaviours and uses – and though Alicia and I use them all it’s not mandatory.
The rewards of social media are undisputable in our eyes, and  this is because we apply a few simple behaviours but mostly we are just ourselves.
What’s really rewarding is that so many of our previous attendees have become super active on Social Media which is a great way to keep in touch with them.
Social media is another form of networking so it’s really a long term thing, which is great as it gives people time to practice, get to know people, and just let it become second nature.

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  1. Karen Haller

    Having received training and expert advice from both of you I know those who attend your course will benefit enormously.

  2. Laura

    Sure to be a great course.
    I can’t wait for you guys to start recording them and selling the info as product! X

  3. Web design Darlington

    Gutted I have seen this post too late and the event has passed. I’m very interested in marketing my business via social media. Will keep my eyes peeled for more events 🙂

  4. Rachel Root

    I’ve only just heard about this course. Will you be running another one in London soon, or do you have seminar notes? I’m about to get started on blogging my interiors/ gift store and could really do with tuition as I feel rather self conscious writing a blog even though I’ve got lots to say!