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If you want to stalk me this week, here's where I'll be (Social Media Week London)

Can you feel it? It’s a big week – a week where London celebrates social media, with all sorts of events going on. I am fortunate enough to be speaking at three of them. Ok, only one of them is an “official” event but still. You can follow along on Twitter if you don’t feel like actually travelling all over London to the events. The hashtag is #SMWLDN

Teaching at INSEEC University

I am going to be a teacher! Yes, on Tuesday 25th September I will be starting to teach at INSEEC University. The course is called “Digital Planning” and I have 2 groups of 35-40 students and for 10 weeks I will be teaching 3 hours a week. I am preparing my own syllabus – just the way I like it – and each class will be a mixture of information sharing and practical activities. The students will be on laptops and will be encouraged to tweet and use Facebook in class. And of course, there will be lots of homework! I plan to get the students to work on real briefs for our clients. Any brilliant ideas the students come up with can be used for our clients to help them with blog headlines, campaign ideas and content planning. Genius!

Speaking for AWAD

September Meeting - Association of Women Art Dealers

On Wednesday 26th, somewhere in Notting Hill, I will be talking to the Association of Women Art Dealers and sharing tips for using online marketing to market themselves, drive more traffic to their websites and raise awareness for their galleries and art.

I have spoken for AWAD several times (TLD is an official partner for AWAD) and their founder Susan Johnson Mumford is fantastic – an inspiration in both the art and business world. You can follow Susan on Twitter here and follow AWAD on Twitter here.

Digital Sizzle time

Digital Sizzle - Wednesday 26 September
On Wednesday evening, I will be attending my first ever Digital Sizzle event. So exciting! They will be showcasing the businesses who participated in their last event, a “Hackathon” fusion of art and technology. Digital Sizzle is run by Michael Hobson – who you may remember until recently was working at TLD – and now is part of an entity known as “3 Beards”. Yes, he grew a beard.

Speaking as the Twitter expert at a panel discussion Google Campus Hub (this is the official event)

Constant Contact - Multi Channel Social Media - Friend or Foe?
On Thursday 27th September I will be speaking on a panel at an event hosted by Constant Contact, where my good friend Tamsin Fox Davies works. You can follow Tamsin on Twitter here. Tamsin and I have spoken together many times before, and those of us who have seen us will have noticed that we have natural on-stage chemistry – it’s uncanny! The topic will be “Multi Channel Social Media – Friend or Foe?” and I will be the Twitter expert.

Well that’s it – stalk me if you like, and of course I will be tweeting all things social media this week – so be sure to come say hi on Twitter too! If you use the hashtag #stalkingyounow I will know you read this post!

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