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How to avoid delays in your website project

How to avoid delays in your website project

We follow a process that guarantees you don’t end up with a website you don’t like – nor one which doesn’t make sense for their audience.

To achieve this, we co-create websites with our clients – with an approved brief, feedback loops on each step, and sign-offs at different milestones.

This doesn’t mean you do lots of work!

Just a little bit, in the grand scheme of things. To be specific, this is what we expect:

  1. We discuss with you our proposed “scope” of the project
  2. We ask you to answer questions for the brief
  3. We ask for all people in your team to agree on this
  4. We present designs, either in person or on a call – and ask for feedback
  5. Feedback needs to be clearly outlined and approved by all in your team
  6. We also ask you for content – if you’re writing the text yourselves – or approval, if one of our copywriters is writing the text
  7. We ask for sign off on designs and before site launch

In essence, we’re gathering information from you, and when we present the proposal, brief and designs we ask for feedback. We also gather feedback during the site build stage – and we of course, ask for sign off before we launch the site.

This means the number one reason we experience delays in our websites is because of our clients being too busy to do one of the above, and the projects get halted or stalled! There is an expectation when we begin the project that we will have feedback, information, and approval.

Many of our clients are busy and have lots going on – so website feedback and writing text can get pushed down the priority list.
⁣If you are feeling a bit guilty because it’s sounding all too familiar, please don’t stress. We don’t blame you. Everyone’s situation is different and the best intentions aren’t always enough.

Outlining our solutions:

We’re building into our process several offerings which have usually been “add-ons” on request.

Copywriting sessions: these are in person or on the phone, and allow us to get a lot of copy written in a shorter period of time, as we can discuss with you options and get live feedback

Facilitation: When you aren’t sure which direction you’d favour, we can lead a session or a discussion with you and your team so we can discuss pros and cons and decisions can be made.

Coworking: Meeting in nice environments makes the work more fun and social, and you can take advantage of all our knowledge and tips on marketing, structure, SEO, and productivity. In a coworking session, we can batch create articles and content and save a lot of time.

Doing your own copywriting?

Many of our clients prefer to do this themselves. They know the material, so it can be a lot quicker. But the copy is also the most time consuming element of our clients “to do” list.

If you choose to write the content yourself – we help you with word counts, SEO tips and milestones, so and you will really only spend a fraction of the total project time.

Watch the video

I filmed the video below to talk about how there are only three things really we need for a successful project – information, approval, and feedback. See below:

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