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How do we make such quality websites affordable for small businesses?

How do we make such quality websites affordable for small businesses?

They do say that it takes the same amount of effort to win a multimillion pound turnover business as a client as it does to win a “microbusiness” client

Microbusinesses, when I define it, are companies with 1-10 people working. Although there are many other ways to define this! Regardless, working with smaller businesses is really a sort of specialty of ours.

We e have a definite majority in our client base – the microbusiness – and this has been the case for nearly 20 years since TLD began.

Another thing we’re great at is providing high levels of customer service and quality in the design, code, advice, and SEO for each project.

How do we do it? I’ve broken it down for you here:

Quick at the thinking

Because of our experience, certain things come easy for us, therefore can be given without much effort. So, we build in the advice, consulting, and ideas we are good at, without charging additional consultancy fees. This means we’re able to confidently lead our clients in the right direction!

Payment Plans

We calculate a cost for a project, and we can spread this over up to 10 months. Suddenly this makes the investment affordable even for a client who is not taking in a big amount monthly. Often, the project is finished long before, and this effectively becomes an interest-free loan for our clients!

Fast Action Bonus

We are able to give additional services free of charge (things that would normally be quoted as an additional cost) as a reward for something that doesn’t take much effort. If a client makes a decision to go ahead quickly, we save a lot of time, we can begin planning the project rather than diarising multiple follow-ups. And it’s a sign that people who make decisions relatively quickly (not rash decisions, thoughtfully made ones) are more successful and prosperous in life.

Offers in our newsletter

Anyone who keeps an eye on our newsletter knows that we’ve often given deals that allow people to try out our services with a small service before committing, or get additional work free of charge. Smart ones amongst you will check out the Newsletter page and pick one of our previous generous offers – we reward those who pay attention.

Less waste

We are very used to doing the work we do – due to our vast experience. So we know what to do to save time along the way and therefore make the process easier and more streamlined for our clients. For example, we give our coders all the files they need when we get design sign-off, so they don’t have to ask for them. We ask for the hosting information at the beginning of the project, so we don’t have unexpected delays. We design what is needed and check in for feedback before continuing, so we don’t waste time going too far in the wrong direction.

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