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TLD Hosting - renewable energy

Hosting renewable energy

Do we use renewable energy for our website hosting services at Top Left Design? We did our due diligence.

When one of our favourite clients, Dave from Gibson Lamb, wrote asking if his website for Gibson Lamb – which we host – can be hosted by a firm that uses renewable energy, we updated our hosting terms with an official statement.

Gibson Lamb is a bespoke designed WordPress site, the 2nd we have designed and built for Dave. Dave and his company Gibson Lamb are a part of the TLD Loyalty Club, he is fair, appreciative, and loyal and we love love love working with him.

We spoke with Alan our hosting partner from Counterpart Systems. And, the good news is this:

As of April 2021, all of our data centres are now powered entirely by renewable energy with 100% coming from naturally renewable sources such as solar, wind, and hydro. Our servers are optimised for power usage, including, but not limited to power-efficient solid-state drives, low power memory modules and highly energy-efficient CPU processors. At the End of Life, our server hardware is sent to specialised computing recycling companies.

What else can we do?

Looking a bit deeper into our company’s environmental responsibility, we decided to each fill out the carbon calculator survey at Climate Hero.

This site gives a good education along the way – even during the quiz, so we learned a lot along the way. They emailed a summary of the changes that we could do to improve our score – here’s what’s relevant to us and possibly can inspire you!

Climate Promises:

  • Change one short-haul flight to a car/train/bus/ferry ride​​ (-0.3​ tons)
  • Always ask for an electric vehicle when you rent a car (-0.1​ tons)
  • Eat less beef and lamb (-0.5​ tons)
  • Eat more vegetarian food (-0.2​ tons)
  • Fight food waste (-0.2​ tons)
  • Avoid products containing palm oil​ (-0.1​ tons)
  • Go on a plastic diet​​ (-0.1​ tons)
  • Shop less​​ (-0.3​ tons)
  • Prioritize wooden and bamboo products (-0.1​ tons)
  • Adopt circular shopping habits​​ (-0.2​ tons)
  • Maximize recycling​ (-0.1​ tons)​​
  • We are also learning a lot about solar panels from Eden Sustainable.

There are many others, and we encourage you to try the quiz yourself.

Do let us know what you and your company do to consciously improve your environmental impact!

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