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Healthy challenge of the week - An apple a day...

Top Left Design is special and it has a special team, who care for each other. First and foremost Keren. She creates team building events, surprises the team with little treats like cupcakes after the last “Make My Lunch” session and she encourages everyone to eat as healthy as possible (besides those little sweet treats).

As almost everyone at Top Left Design has a sweet tooth, Keren created a healthy challenge of the week:
“Have an apple every day. We will get a bag of apples into the office 3 times a week for us.”
Apple pile and the challenge task

Challenge on!

Eight challengers, five day…that makes… 40 apples!!
Well, we won’t show you 40 apple pictures but here are some impressions:
Aric and Kevin having and not having their apples
Some team members are really shy, they rather let the apples speak…
Nichaela, Tamlyn and JP showing their apples
*We had to take JP’s picture twice because he forgot to smile!
Thus, everyone was happy and that made Keren happy as well:
Happy Keren with her apple
A week full of “Happleness” that will hopefully keep the doctor away.

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