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Getting clarity: UdayaLive yoga and music festival website (and our upcoming trip to Bulgaria)

Tomorrow sees the second annual Udaya Live Yoga festival!
The Top Left Design team have been working with Patty, Anita and Cody at Udaya on a brand new website for their annual yoga and music festival. This launched earlier this year and has been used by visitors who want to find out more about the festival, see which musicians and yoga teachers are participating, and learn more about how to get there, what’s on offer, and view videos from last year’s festival.
And tomorrow is also the day where the 4 of the TLD Team heads over to Bulgaria to participate! We will go there for bonding, fresh air, good food, yoga and clarity! Clarity is a huge part of what we give our clients, when we interpret what’s unique and great about them – and bring this out in the design and communication material we make for them.
We bring clarity, so we’re off to Bulgaria to replenish ourselves on it!

Who are Udaya?

Udaya Yoga is the yoga content company. It produces online cinematic yoga tutorials for DVD and an online streaming service. These videos are filmed in Bulgaria at NuBoyana film studios, and are accompanied by cooking, nutrition and meditation content to help users lead a more mindful life.
Last year, the first Udaya Live Festival was held, featuring live music with yoga.
The festival takes place for the second time this year in Pravets, Bulgaria.
With more than 40 musicians and yoga teachers leading sessions at this year’s festival, the event is set to be hugely successful.

Why they chose us

 Udaya wanted to create a seamless, positive experience for their customers buying tickets after they experienced a few issues with their original website last year. Our team created a website that meant customers could do what they intended to do, which is buy tickets to the festival! We created an intuitive, on-brand, responsive website and also led a marketing workshop with the team to make sure they were making the most of their marketing resources.
They loved working with us so much that they have re-hired us to redesign their main site,, which we are recreating.
Check out the website and find out more about Udaya Live Festival, here:

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