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Client interview: Working with the fantastic PR Agency – Focus PR

We are lucky to have such wonderful clients! Last year, we met the amazing director of Focus PR agency, Sara Balme. Focus PR is a London PR agency, specialising in consumer lifestyle, digital and experiential PR. They have 3 core sectors they work in: food & drink, beauty & health, luxury & lifestyle.
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We created a new design for their website, so I asked Sara to share with us her experience with the Top Left Design team as a result.  Her answers are below – and won’t take you long to read as I haven’t embellished them!
Interview below – enjoy!

How did you first hear about TLD?

TLD took on our website design from Distilled agency, our ‘patronage’ (for want of a better word!) when it decided to focus on SEO instead of web design. It was acquired by Top Left Design as part of that deal.

What made you decide to take the plunge and get a brand new website?

Our old site was looking a bit tired, it wasn’t particularly SEO-friendly and also had a difficult CMS behind it.

Did you have any worries or hesitations?

Not really. It felt as though we were in safe hands throughout the process.

What surprised you about working with us?

The incredible tidiness of the TLD kitchen!
(Where we make delicious tea to our lovely clients!)

What could we have done better/differently to make the experience better?

It was a shame that our key contact, Tina, left part-way through the project, but it didn’t affect the smooth-running of the relationship. I also wonder whether the decision not to have a responsive design was the right one, as mobile/tablet browsing is now growing so incredibly fast.

Would you recommend us to others?

Yes, especially for businesses which aren’t particularly digitally-savvy as TLD is very good at speaking plain English and explaining complicated technical things in a digestible way!

Do you think as an agency we had any better understanding of your needs as an agency?

You were certainly very patient with us when our workload meant that timescales slipped!

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