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What I saw at Edinburgh Festival Fringe

Recently, for the first time ever, I went to Edinburgh for the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. This is because a friend of mine, Dave Patrick, organises a group of people to go each year and has done for the last 20 or so years. But it was my first time (and there were a few of us first timers actually!)

Although we (my husband Anders and I) only went for 4 days, it was brilliant. I met new friends, spent some quality time with them, experienced student housing, walked lots, laughed lots and saw amazing shows.

Anders very cleverly took pictures of the flyers for the shows we attended. And rather than just having those pictures on his phone, I thought “this seems like something I could blog about on the train journey home!”. We were missing a few so I improvised those, to create a complete memoir! Enjoy!

So below is a list of the shows we saw.

Sat 3rd August

Ian Smith – Anything

Ian Smith - Edinburgh Festival 2013

Marcus Brigstocke – I am Marcus

Marcus Brigstocke - Edinburgh Festival 2013

Sun 4th August

Tony Law – Nonsense Overdrive

Tony Law - Edinburgh Festival 2013

Ben Moor – Each of us

Ben Moor - Edinburgh Festival 2013

Aisling Bea – C’est La Bea

Aisling Bea - Edinburgh Festival 2013


Rubber Bandits - Edinburgh Festival 2013

Monday 5 August

The Trench

The Trench - Edinburgh Festival 2013

Rich Herring – We’re ALL Going to Die

Richard Herring - Edinburgh Festival 2013

Rich Hall

Rich Hall - Edinburgh Festival 2013

Sunday 6 August (our last day)

Free tea and biscuits event

Free tea and biscuits show - Edinburgh Festival
On the last day we went to see the above show – One of the girls in our group, Helene Sandy, actually is a comedian, and knows the organisers of the event. Helene did a standup routine at this event, spontaneously, and we all went to watch her! It was excellent!

I guess we were lucky and I wouldn’t say I regret any or that I wasted my time! I would love to go again next year, and I liked the mixture of the pre-planned shows and the spontaneous decisions we made. My absolute favourite favourites were Aisling Bea, Tony Law, Rich Hall and The Rubber Bandits.

Well – that’s it, till next year!

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