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How to deal with stressy emails - a 3 step process.

As I try and teach folks out there all that I know to empty my head and allow more knowledge to fill it, I was thinking about the problem of “stressy emails”.
Have you ever received a stressy email?
They suck don’t they?
Sometimes you just have to see someone’s name in your inbox and you get that feeling of “oh no, a stressy email!”
So, to help with this, I have came up with a 3 step process which can help in future.
And I made it into a poem for you too:

When you receive a stressy email
Don’t let it get you stressed
I know it’s easier said than done
Believe me, I know best
Here’s a three step process
To feel and make things better
So simple all you have to do is
Follow it to the letter
Step one you have to just remember
How you felt before
When all was fine and dandy
It will be soon once more!
Step two is to remember too
You’ve had stress in the past
And off the top of your fine head
Can you list the first to last?
Exactly, which leads us to
Step three – which is most crucial
Communication is the real
Solution and that’s why you shall
Think of what you have to say
And who to say it to
Even with some help, know still
The champion is you
Your calm communication strategy
Will sort this thing right out
Your job right now is to erase
Confusion and all doubt
Think of how you will feel soon
When you’ve solved this issue
Get that stress right out of you
Like snot into a tissue!

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