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Coronavirus Releif Marketing Packages from Top Left Design

Coronavirus Marketing Relief Packages from TLD

I know that what we do at TLD is minor compared with those directly fighting the coronavirus pandemic, especially those on the front line – healthcare heroes, grocery store workers, teachers who are running online classes, and others who keep things running while we’re at home.

Our client work, projects, and campaigns are continuing. But we can do more to be useful!

Trust is a factor

Without clear communication, it’s hard to build trust with an audience. Clarity comes from good design (which makes people want to pay attention) and good use of words and language. And many people are worried about saying anything, not wanting to add to the noise.

Is there a bright side?

In terms of our businesses, it’s possible to either thrive through this time or let it get the better of us. Many businesses are getting creative, making amazing offers and content to help others. And clear communication plays a big part in this.

Source: @kayjaysings on Instagram (no idea where she got this)

Through a well-crafted message that people want to see and know, which makes them feel better, you can create a ripple effect that makes a positive difference to many people. 

We look at what’s happening to the lives and businesses around us, and we want to do our bit. We want to help others feel productive while working at home. There will be more time, we are not spending time commuting, traveling, shopping, or socialising “in real life” with others.

In order for your business to thrive at this time, you need to keep a clear line of communication open, with your contacts, customers, prospects, suppliers, and employees.

That’s where we at TLD get to be heroes! Taking this opportunity to look at things with fresh eyes, and help people clearly communicate their services and differentiators to their various audiences in an inspiring, appropriate compliant and efficient way.

So, this is how we at TLD can help in this cause!

We’ve put together some Coronavirus Marketing Relief Packages which give other small businesses a chance to:

  • Try out our services before committing
  • Get additional work free of charge with our 10 for 8 deal
  • Take advantage of deals and payment plans (without long term commitment)
  • A team that is completely used to working remotely (we’ve done it for 12 years)
  • Our efficient talented (and lovely) coders Tom and Ignas build pages pixel perfect and this makes our designers’ lives easy!
  • Work with talented designers Tam and Amy (and me) who understand about communication, marketing and strategy

The package has 3 parts:

  1. Communication Consulting: It’s important during this time to adapt your messages to be sensitive and appropriate, but also “cut through the noise”. This means assessing whatever campaigns, projects and communication you have in your plan, and also deciding what can be released soon to show you’re on top of things in your business (even if you’re not feeling it yet!)
  2. Clearing the Decks: Often the reason projects don’t get off the ground are because business owners are pulled in all directions, running from meeting to meeting, firefighting, and dealing with an overflowing inbox. Now we can have the chance to take stock and get some projects done behind the scenes. We can discuss and help with priorities.
  3. Campaigns: When there is a seismic shift in life as we know it, there is also an opportunity. What do people need now, in these unusual circumstances? How can your business deliver something different that will help people? And how can you get the word out? We can work with you to create the pages, articles, social content, and paid campaigns that make sense now!

Having had the business for 18 years, we’ve gone through many economic upheavals and changes, and we hope to ride this one through and come out strong on the other side, helping as many people as we can along the way.

My first consulting hour is part of the offer I outlined in the video above. Just get in touch with us for details, while we make pretty PDFs and PowerPoint decks about this in the background!

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