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Caroline and Julien - our 2 new French interns - tell us about their first week at TLD!

Caroline and Julien - our new French interns
Many of you already know that we are a teaching company and we regularly take work experience people who love to learn about designing and building websites and all the wonderful things that includes. This week we just took on 2 new interns, who are from France, and I asked each of them to give us one paragraph about their experience here.

Caroline - our new French intern

Caroline’s comments about her first week at Top Left Design

“Hi everybody!
One week ago, I came from France to do my internship inside Top Left Design. I was a little bit afraid because I have a lot to learn about English, more particularly because of my accent. And if nobody understands me, how can I do?
In fact, the team of Top Left Design is so friendly that all my apprehensions are gone the first day. They take time to explain my tasks to me, and given that they are always smiling, the atmosphere is really nice! I’m sure that I will learn a lot with them.
I worked on Photoshop layouts, I learn’t things about WordPress that I didn’t really know before and I updated information on a website. The work is varied and I do several tasks the same day. Moreover, I noticed that all is really organized and that there is a real project management. It’s nice because it complete my formation at University which is more scientific, even if there is an artistic side too.
I’m sure that I will enjoy my internship in London!

Julien - our new French intern

Julian’s take on his first week at Top Left Design

“Hi! I’m Julien, I’m French (from Paris) and I just arrived at Top Left Design for a 10 weeks internship.
My first impression when I arrived in Top Left Design was astonishment. The office is great and I have never been in such working environment: it’s very well located, the place is very nice, and it’s well equipped. So we have everything we need in the flat, lacks only the weather…
For my first week I had to adapt myself at a new way of working, and try to figure out how the team worked. Fortunately everything is really well organised so it was really easy to quickly be productive. Moreover there is always someone in the office to help me if I need something. During this week, I’ve mostly done some maintenance works like adding new content or making small changes on some web designs.
It’s really important when you want to put a website online, to ensure that’s all is fine and work perfectly, so I checked some of the new website that TLD is going to launch soon. I also helped at the creation of website manual for these websites. To produce great content, clients need to have the possibility of update or create the content. It’s sometimes a little bit tricky, that why TLD helps them after the launch of their website, giving them all the instructions and great advices to provide an efficient content.
Hope it will continue in this way!”

And now a screencast using them as an example for how to put images into your blog with “Resizr”

We of course use Photoshop for resizing images but I wanted to include this as their pictures and this blog were the example in the recording. In fact you could say that this blog post starred in the screen cast, and Caroline and Julien are now YouTube stars!

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