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Capitalise on the Magic of Twitter

This is again for people who are using Twitter but aren’t entirely sure if they are doing it right. Have a look at the list below – if you feel like you already doing these things, then you may be ready for some of the “advanced” stuff – but we like to take things step by step – and the beginners stuff is actually where most of the magic of Twitter happens! If the words below seem like a strange language to you, comment below and I will answer with further explanations and definitions!

The real magic of Twitter comes from

    • Answering the tweets which have your @name in it – you can check your twitter messages on the Twitter website by clicking on your @name on the right side panel – there you see mentions and messages too you. When I say @name I mean the part of the page with the @ sign and your Twitter username right next to it, eg my @name is @topleftdesign. If you want to try it, tweet me and say you have read this post – and I will reply and then we can take it from there!
    • Follow people who are in the same industry as you as you will learn the most from them. A lot of people make the mistake of starting first to follow only celebrities and news feeds. This is fine but if you follow active twitter users who tweet regularly with a variety of different tweets, then you will be able to pick up the better Twitter habits much quicker!
    • Speak to people regularly on Twitter (using 2 of the strange things I referred to earlier – “@replies” and “mentions
    • Try and promote others regularly too – using “retweets” or “RT“s and just generally being supportive and complimentary (if you mean it of course!)
    • Tweet regularly, and continue to be relevant within your field – and try regularly tweet headlines and shortened links. I like to use to shorten my URL – see – just copy paste a long URL into the box, click shorten and it will give you a short one! Check out the video below which shows you how.

  • Follow people in different industries and group them together in Lists – as this will make it much easier to manage who you follow and to use Twitter more strategically.

Definitely follow me (@topleftdesign) as I try my best to practice what I preach. You definitely learn the most from observation. Once you have mastered the above – there is more strategic marketing stuff you can do – I am happy to answer questions as usual!

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  1. Brittany at Sprout Social

    Great introductory tips, Karen! I think retweeting and replying to influencers in your industry is a great way to get noticed and get involved in the conversation (and share your knowledge/expertise!).

  2. Wayne Slater

    Good article for beginners and a good reminder as you get into it the use of Twitter, lists is a must, just starting to see the benefit ot this.